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Why Is Britney Bald?

Oh the life of a celebrity, money, fame, fun, popularity…trauma? Is the life of a superstar really all that different to us “normal” folk?

The truth is probably not, but what happens when anyone becomes successful is that everything within their life is totally amplified. I remember being at a seminar about increasing one’s income where somebody said that generally we think that if we get rich the problems go away. They don’t, the problems are bigger and the person dealing with them is either well adapted and strong enough to cope with them, or not.

It is reasonably well documented that Britney’s plunge into stardom came as a result of her mums ambition to get her there, managing her daughter career. For many of us, the thought of having someone manage us is bad enough and is something we can just about put up with from 9-5 Monday to Friday in our employment situations, but for Britney, this relationship was with her own mother. Lets be honest in managing others we are always in a position of control, but most of us tend to go home at the end of the day, rather than sitting down to eat dinner with our boss and watching the Simpson’s.

So the rebellion started with a dramatic change in her music, a 24 hour marriage and a disastrous 2nd marriage to a guy who already had a baby on the way with someone else. I’m sure that Britney genuinely hoped that her marriage to Federline would be the making of the domestic housewife within, however, the troubled relationships came to a classic Hollywood break up. Perhaps if the dynamics of their relationship had been different, the gremlins within her would have settled, or perhaps it was those gremlins within that attracted her towards him in the first place.

Either way, the results have been broadcast for all to see. And what a statement she has made. Shaving her head really tells us that at this time Britney Spears is wanting to be anything but Britney Spears. She has taken control of something, something that nobody else can control. She has crossed a line that nobody else could have gone near, perhaps because she felt that this was one of the few things that was untouchable about her, in a life that everybody else seems to have a part of.

Some might say, that this was an attempt to send a very clear message to her ex husband about what the failed relationship has driven her to. My personal opinion is that Britney felt broken and has an enormous dislike for her life. Now all of us, including herself, need to love her for who she is and not how she was.

And Britney has the biggest job of all, she needs to learn to love life again. This is a massive act of rebellion and if it isn’t caused by the puppeteered life she has had, then you can bet your bottom dollar that she is wanting to escape, to break out of the body of Britney. The trouble with the act she has made is that is that the real problems are only ever within, that is the place where there work must be done.

If you can relate to Britney’s situation and are experiencing similar erratic behaviour or negative emotions, know now that life doesn’t need to continue in this way. You can change your life and even improve it.

By: Gemma Bailey –

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