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The Fascination With Celebrity Gossip

June 13, 2008 – Why is society so caught up in celebrity gossip? Celebrities are put on pedestals and the more popular they are, the more they are scrutinized in the media. Some celebrities cannot leave their own home without being snapped for photos by paparazzi. Their life is on watch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Celebrity gossip magazines and some web sites are making millions of dollars a year by posting the personal details of Hollywood’s famous stars.

Society is fascinated by celebrities because they are constantly on the big screen or television. Their talent and most of the time, their good looks is what attracts loyal fans. The fact that most celebrities are filthy rich is also an attraction. When celebrities make it big, they are even less accessible which makes people even more curious about every aspect of their lives from who they are dating to what they are wearing. Sometimes a fan’s love for a celebrity can get out of hand. Some celebrities have dealt with the obsessive fan who does not understand their boundaries. Brad Pitt once had a woman break into his home while countless stars have filed restraining orders against stalkers.

The main attraction to celebrity gossip is simply wanting to watch celebrity train wrecks. Britney Spears is a prime example of a young star whose life went from stardom to mayhem. She was once the pop idol every little girl wanted to imitate to a woman who shaved her head and lost custody of her children. Some celebrities cannot handle the fame and fortune at a young age. Gossip magazines and web sites must be on top of the latest news to compete with each other. The popular gossip blog „Perez Hilton“ ran by Mario Lavandeira has over a million plus visitors per day. Lavandeira has stated that it is hard work keeping the blog up to date and is known to start his day from the early mornings to late at night posting the latests gossip.

What makes Perez Hilton stand out from his competitors is because he doesn’t hold back his opinion and the site is known for „outing“ many celebrities. The site is credited for outing former Nsync band member Lance Bass before he made his own announcement of being gay. People’s curiosities are satisfied from gossip sites such as these. Most people love when a celebrity has screwed up. Celebrity couples are also big news, along with celebrity divorces and kids.

One area of celebrity life I feel should be off limits are the children. Very often, these kids are hounded by the paparazzi as well. I think they should be allowed to live as normal as possible without cameras in their faces for everything that they do. Children should not have to deal with what their famous parents deal with. Some celebrity parents do not protect their children enough and often you will see these kids start off on drugs and alcohol at a young age. Some celebrities protect their children so well that you never see what they look like.

Celebrity gossip will continue to fascinate society as it is as entertaining as watching television or going to the movies. Just remember that these celebrities are people too and deal with the media backlash on a regular basis.

By: Eartha Haines

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