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The Biological Meaning Of Love And Sex

Love and sex are phenomenon most common with human beings. In mammals, it is only in human beings that we see things like romantic love and sex. The sexual urges are very strong in human beings and this has triggered a recent research. Love and sex in humans was important to pair up people since life is so hard for one to be alone. People need to have partners to help them in daily duties far from romance. It might sound unromantic but as observed in the African grassroots women were carrying 20-pound ball in one hand and holding sticks and stones with the other hand for security purposes. These shows that a woman needs a man for security. No wonder a woman cannot stay alone. She needs a partner.

Raising children is better when it is done by two people and therefore it is important for the two partners to enjoy love and sex so that they stick together. When the researchers dealt with love struck men and women they found that their brains were different. The experiments performed showed that men’s brain was more active especially the region that is responsible for integrating visual stimulus. This proves that men respond more on seeing than on reading or hearing. It does not shock me that men like watching pornography and women spend most of their lives trying to impress men’s eyes. A man is supposed to carry out his evolutionary mission of filling the world by spreading his seed. He has to look for the most impressive girls so that only the good genes will be passed to the next generation. If he is attracted to a 90 year old grandmother he won’t reproduce. No wonder his love and sex have to be towards the young and the beautiful.

You will be puzzled by the woman’s brain activity. The scientists or researchers discovered that women in love had most activity in the brain region that controls memory. This mechanism helps a woman when she is making a choice for a mate. She doesn’t have to use visual clues to determine whether a man can sire babies or make a good father but her mental capacity to remember a man’s behavior can help her choose the best man. Women are not just picky about what they want. It is nature in the Darwinian evolutionary strategy. After studying most lovers brain, the scientists concluded that romantic love and sex is not just but an emotion. It is something deep rooted in the brain.

The urge to eat or to drink some water is no different from the one to get love and sex. Isn’t this why we do crazy things for love? Edward VIII gave up the throne of England in Wallis Simpson for love. Rejection is very painful as proved by the experiments carried out on college students who had been rejected by their objects of affection. The brain scan showed that the insular cortex becomes very active. People were all tears because this is the region responsible for physical pain.

By: Francis K Githinji

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