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Spears Wins ‘lifetime Achievement’ Award For Bad Skin

Although many of us thought that troubled Britney Spears would never win another award, she has just been presented with a prize commemorating her ‘Lifetime Achievement.’ However, the accolade isn’t quite as impressive as it sounds; the award was a ‘Skinnies’ gong, presented by a skincare expert to raise awareness of her problem skin.

Britney Spears has been plagued by spotty skin throughout her long career. It began as adolescent acne during her time as a Mouseketeer on Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club, before her troubled twenties gave her a “tendency to adult acne.” Although Spears’ current mental problems are arguably more severe than her bad skin, many dermatologists still believe that the star should seek treatment.

Perhaps Spears should take a leaf out of Will Smith’s book? The formally spotty Men in Black star was also commended at the Skinnies, which named him as an ‘Action-packed Acne Survivor’ for the clear skin he sported in the blockbuster, I Am Legend. Judges praised Smith for beating his adult acne, they said: “Smith appears to have found an effective treatment for his condition… he is this year’s acne survivor.”

The Skinnies are held every January to honour “epidermal excellence in entertainment.” Nicholas Cage’s noticeably fuller hairline won the ‘Back in Theatres’ award with judges suggesting that the star may have benefited from hair restoration treatment. A ‘Sun Protected Princess’ award was given to Amy Adams for her porcelain skin in Disney’s Enchanted, which caused judges to surmise, “to appear this wrinkle and freckle-free in her 30’s confirms a lifelong devotion to sun protection.”

Rounding off the awards was the ‘Hollywood’s Greatest Villain’ gong, which was awarded to cellulite for plaguing the beautiful bodies of many leading ladies. However High Definition television also received a mention in this category for its extreme close ups that can draw unwanted attention to problem skin and facial imperfections.


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By: Nikki Rammer

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Author: Nikki Rammer
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