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Sexy Star Pamela Anderson to charm the Germans

March 14, 2008 – The former „Baywatch“-Star and „Playboy“-Bunny Pamela Anderson (also famous for her sex tape with Tommy Lee – an idea copied by Paris Hilton and her „1 night in Paris“ video) will charm the Germans in a TV-show mostly known as a place for folkloristic groups and traditional singers. But Pammy wil not act as a celebrity but as the assistent of the dutch magician Hans Klok. The two have already worked together during his shows in Las Vegas.

But Europe will soon now, how sexy Pamela Anderson still is and that the current photos of her are no fake (like the one’s from Britney Spears). Recently the actress made headlines when she married the former Paris Hilton-boyfriend and porn video producer Rick Salomon and split up within weeks.

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