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Sex Life Is Abominable

May 11, 2008 – Sex is the driving mechanism of modern society. Godless life induces people into lustiness long after the high of youth has subsided, causing them to stay emotionally immature throughout their lives. Forgetting the eternal relationship with the supreme personality of godhead, lord Sri Krsna, they absorb media propaganda and remain perpetually indulgent in lust, having no knowledge of the necessity to resist the itch of this basal sexual urge.

Rampant sensual titillation however, increasingly dulls the spirit and causes deprivation of the real happiness. In adolescence, when the senses appear to have unlimited power to invoke delights, happiness through sense enjoyment seems not only to be a distinct possibility, but also the very purpose of life. Attempts for sexual enjoyment increasingly result in emptiness and frustration. Still, most people fail to recognize the limits and temporary nature of sexual enjoyment. Due to their misdirected education, they think that their lack of satisfaction with sex is only due to something wrong in their approach to it. They thereby end up on a psychologist’s couch or read several hundred books on ‚improved‘ sex life. However, the harder they hanker for pleasure, the more certainly it eludes them. In this furious attempt to force their bodies into giving them the happiness, which they regard as a natural birthright, they methodically indulge into pornography, varieties of perversity, and ultimately violence.
There is really nothing special about sex. It is not wonderful, it is not noble, it is not romantic – it is just a bodily function, a response to raw gut feeling. If you think about it soberly, the whole prospect of sex seems rather silly. Still, everybody is doing it. The president of America is doing it, the bums on the street are doing it, the cats and dogs are doing it. Only a few great souls are attempting to conquer over it. Intelligently restraining from animal propensity and redirecting one’s energy towards God consciousnesses is the very purpose of the human form of life.

Actual civilization teaches its members to subjugate their sexual desires for higher, spiritual purposes. Modern civilization exploits people’s sexual cravings, makes a business out of it, and sends people to hellish planets by the millions life after life. Sex should be indulged in only for procreation. There is no fun in sex. It is painful and disgraceful process of so called enjoyment.

Aware of the challenges involved in providing this knowledge to the fallen conditioned souls, the Vaisnavas are begging the supreme lord to provide some intelligence to these people. If only people could understand this simple fact: We are all eternal servants of Krishna. Our sexual desire is simply a perverted reflection of our heart’s deepest desire to love Krishna. If we just knew this we could all be eternally happy. But in the darkness of the modern age it is very difficult to convince anyone that there is anything wrong with sex at all. The followers of Srila Prabhupada have a great responsibility to somehow or other deliver this ultimate knowledge to the people of the world.

By: Victor Epand

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