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Paris Hilton’s Style. I Use To Hate Her But Now I Like Her Because Of It. I Might Even Love Her.

July 2008 – A while back when I first started writing about Paris Hilton, I was fed up with all the press attention and air time that she was getting and grew a hatred toward her because like a lot of people, I had just been hearing what people were saying about her and didn’t take the time to observe her myself, and I judged her unfairly. But now after doing research on her myself, expecting to find facts that backed up what people were saying about her, I found that not only did I grow an appreciation for Paris Hiltons style, I found that all the bad rumors about her were not accurate.

I found that people treated her unfairly and were despicably rude to her, and I felt sorry for her because of it. Usually when I feel sorry for someone I don’t like to mention it out loud or much less write about it. I just want to forget about it because just feeling sorry for someone is painful for me. The thing about it is, I am also very inspired by her so that makes it more comfortable for me. I have never felt so sorry for someone and be so inspired by them at the same time. The reason I became inspired by her is because of her unique style and beauty. Also because of how she reacted to all the crap being said to her and about her. The more pictures I found of her on the Internet and in magazines, the more I realized how beautiful and stylish she really is.

Her style filters into and include, hand bags, perfume, clothing (my favorite, metallic shorts), and now bounty wants her designs on their paper towels, they signed a million dollar contract with her. The coolest thing about her to me his how she wears her own line and other clothes. The best way to describe her look is teenage or Beverly Hills royalty. Like a teenager when she wears punky, skimpy, hot, costume like outfits. She really gets rocking when she wears the casual, funky designed t-shirts with studded belts and bracelets. She’s like Beverly Hills Royalty when she wears the long flowing dresses with large intricate sparkling jewelry. I really love it when she goes art deco sometimes.

Finally, why do people say she has no talent? I have pictures of her entire clothing collection and most of her designs look just as good as some of the well-known brands. Even if she didn’t design them herself, picking the designs that she knew would sell is a talent in itself. She also has had a few large roles in movies and Television. I saw her performances and she did just as good of a job or better than many famous actresses. As a matter of fact Paris keeps getting roles. She is going to be in an episode of ‘My name is Earl’ this coming April. I’m convinced that the Paris Hilton haters will continue to criticize her no matter what she does simply because their jealous.

By: Micheal Werner

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I have but together a book at documenting my journey from hating Paris to loving her. Every page is filled with funny illustrations and beautiful illustrations depicting her iconic style and beauty. And images depicting my interpretation of what Paris really is.