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Paris Hilton Lost Her Party Friend

Paris Hilton and Britney are great sensation this day’s. Both had a big party and enjoy of their famous celebrity life but for the public their friendship start to be understood as something more than just friendship. Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have been accused of being lesbian lovers because they spent to much time after every party. Paris say that she actually want to watch her kids and that she likes them so much even she wants her own children.

Kevin Federline was concern for his wife and her wild ways of having party and also Britney’s family so her team advice to do something about her attitude.
Paris Hilton maybe lost her party friend.

Since Britney Spears lost her underwear last week , has not been seen with Paris Hilton . She was many times catch by the paparazzi with no underwear so she earn many post’s on the net for her attitude.

Britney post an apology to her fans on her web site and since then the things are not the same.

By: Stojanov Gorgi

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