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Paris Hilton – „1 night in Paris“-star in Germany

March 29, 2008 – Paris Hilton – star of her own private porn movie „1 night in Paris“ (filmed by the short-time hubby of Pamela Anderson, Rick Salomon) – knows how to attract people and how to act in public: During her stay in Germany and the visit to Europe’s most important TV-program „Wetten dass..?“ („What will you bet me?„) she had an appearance in a great green/yellow/brown „jungle dress“. This was Paris‘ second time at the show and she’s currently „on tour“ with her boyfriend Benji Madden who is with this band Good Charlotte playing gigs in Europe.

During the show she was very friendly and told the audience how deeply in love she is. She explained her new TV-show and described herself as a „business woman“. Ms. Hilton also stated that her mum gave her the name Paris because she liked the city so much and that she was not conceived in the french capital.

The show-host asked Paris Hilton about one thing his wife has stated during a flight: The society-girl had her own pillow with her. „I always carry a pillow with me when I’m on a plane“ was her answer, because she doesn’t like the ones in the planes.

Paris Hilton did not appear in such a scandalous way like the (almost) bottomless Pamela Anderson did on an other german TV-Show just a couple of days ago where she didn’t wear pants and only showed up in a short slip. She even posed for a photo with a woman from the audience.

The 27 year old „IT-girl“ Paris Hilton has made headlines during the last years including her friendship with Britney Spears and sexual escapades like her porn video and erotic photographs. Her legendary nights out without a slip were copied by other female celebrities that „forgot“ their panties: Britney Spears showed her vulva and even Christina Aguilera was „shot“ nude and her upskirt pictures shocked many fans.

The show also starred REM (performing their song „Supernatural Superserious“ from their brand new album „Accelerate“ ) and a family had the chance to „welcome“ the car they won in the show: A silver-colored Audi A4 quattro 3.2.

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(c) – Paris Hilton photo by Markus Waibel