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Madonna, Pamela Anderson & Britney Spears – Ugly Celebrities Without Make Up Exposed

June 17, 2008 – I have seen many ugly celebrities without make up or a fairer way to put it is that most of them don’t look as good as when they are using makeup. All of the stars need to use makeup, as it can easily help them become glamorous. Here are some of the celebrities noted to having a bad and ugly look when not wearing makeup.

However, note that some also look good without makeup; it is really just a rare case. As we may know it, the entertainment business requires makeup to get a nice look on the screen, so it is a must, and they need to accentuate their face with beauty.


Let’s start off with Pamela Anderson. Everybody knows her, rose to popularity on the Baywatch series. She had been an impressive star, looking at best on the show. Although after years and when the press caught her without makeup, then you can see she doesn’t have the beauty in her.


Next up is Alicia Silverstone; I have always heard people talk about her during the height of her career. In the movie clueless, she’s a very attractive girl, but when you look at here without makeup, it’s like, she’s not looking so pretty at all.


Lisa Kudrow is one of the stars in friends. Well maybe she is not that pretty even those times. Often cited to be the ugliest of the bunch, also when she’s not wearing makeup, she gets pretty ugly.


Madonna is simply one of the best pop stars in history. Nevertheless, it seems that she’s not that best when not wearing any makeup. Often people say that she is too old for the entertainment business. Eventually, all those people said were right.


All of us know Christina Ricci from the Addams Family movie; she had really captured the pale look of a girl during those times. Even up to the present moment, especially without makeup, she doesn’t look only somewhat pretty, she looks pretty ugly.


Renee Zellwegger is the actress to the movie Bridget Jone’s Diary. On 2001 she was voted as one of the most beautiful people in the world. Even so, not without makeup and getting old, she’s not the beauty that were expecting after all.


In recent times, Tyra Banks had burst onto the entertainment scene. She was hosting the show America’s Next Top Model. I would wonder why there is such a show, maybe it was made to replace her because she looks ugly without wearing makeup.


Who else wouldn’t know about Britney Spears? She had broken out to the music scene in 2000. She had a lot of difficulties going on with her husband. In addition, without makeup, she looks just as ugly; she even shaved her hair just for kicks.

So these are some of the ugly celebrities without makeup. You should keep in mind that this is only used for reference purposes only and not to insult them in any way. And they are not ugly for beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they just look better with makeup.

By: Vivian Timson

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