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How To Find The Perfect Adult Gift

May 1, 2008 – Thinking about buying a gift for a partner but a little embarrassed maybe we can help you with a few tips to get you off the ground.

Testing the Waters

You might be apprehensive about giving someone a vibrator or a dildo as a gift. Would they really like it? Will they be offended? Would they think you’re Strange?

They are all valid questions and not everyone is comfortable with sex toys. If your partner or friend drops into this category, don’t worry. Try testing the water by giving an innocent, novelty type sexual toy. How about testing the water with some fluffy hand cuffs or maybe a cat mask or if you want to be a little more daring a leather whip or spanker its all great fun.

If you want to give an erotic sex toy to your partner, or friend but you’re not too certain how he or she will respond, just try the above and do it nice and slowly trying not to embarrass or offend a partner or friend just remember its all part of life now and you will be very surprised on how many ordinary couples have them hidden in the bottom of the draw.

How about a vibrator or rabbit?

Well, if your partner accepts the light hearted toys and is happy with using them now you have the green light to buy something a little more daring, Like what? How about trying a vibrator or a rabbit vibrator remember they can be used as a massager as well as an adult toy, yes that’s right not every one uses them as a sexual toy.

Partner accepts sexual toys now. 

Well, this is just great that your partner has now opened up and likes the idea of using a rabbit vibrator you can now start to introduce more things, Like what? How about buying some sexy lingerie and getting her to dress up in some sexy stockings and high heels and have them use a toy. Or maybe she is a dominant woman who might like to have her man dress in leather and spank him with a paddle and have him tied up. Or how about a nice sensual night in a nice warm bath with candles and massage oil, start the fun by introducing the Rubber Duckie, a fully waterproof vibrating duck to tickle those intimate spots. Afterwards, take out the rabbit vibrator this is the latest and best adult toy ever made and you can have lots of fun with it..

Don’t forget to buy one

Many people forget to allow enough time for their gifts to arrive, whether you’re shipping to yourself or directly to your recipient. Be smart and shop early. You’ll be glad you did. The best thing about buying gifts at Malai is convenience: you can safely and securely shop online with Worldpay and Paypal, avoiding the embarrassment at the shop and not forgetting the crowds and all the other shopping headaches. Always remember the more fun you have with sex the more open, honest and intimate your relationship can be!!

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By: Zeff Goldman

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