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Hollywood Celebrities: How Did They Get Their Fame?

In Hollywood, you can see lots and lots of celebrities, young and old, famous or infamous, as long as they are known from their works. But there is a question to be asked, how did celebrities get their fame?

Some of them became famous from their roles in a blockbuster movie, even if he or she is an extra, or a part of the main cast. Celebrities also got their fame from their roles in the biggest TV shows that is aired internationally.

Majority of the celebrities got their fame from the TV shows like Jennifer Garner, Jim Carrey, David Duchovny, Clare Danes, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ashton Krutcher, Topher Grace and many more. As a result, they were given the chance to be included in big movies with a major role.

Others like Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, Madonna, and other singers became famous not just from their songs, but for their looks and the talent they have. But now, celebrities became famous not only for the achievements they made, but for the scandals and isses they commited.

Scandalous images and videos spread over the internet like Paris Hilton and American Idol’s finalist, Antonella Barba.
Being a celebrity is a good profession, but due to controversies and achievements, they became famous on the things they do whatever and whenever it is.

By: Jay Paul

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