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Four Rules Celebrities Should Follow

We live in a celebrity obsessed culture. There are news programs devoted exclusively to the lives of stars, and weekly publications that report every facet of their lives both professional and personal. They are not allowed any measure of privacy. Camera people follow them on the most mundane of tasks, await them outside their homes to take photos that can be worth thousands of dollars and even rifle through their trash to find any snippet of information.

Common sense would tell someone in this situation that they must behave in a very respectable manner at all times living in the proverbial fish bowl. Yet, most celebrities don’t seem to learn. Therefore I have compiled a list of tips that celebrities on the A, B, or even D list may want to follow.

Do Not Cheat On Your Spouse

This is not to say that they are supposed to be morally superior, or that they need to set an example. The simple truth is that with the increased level of scrutiny it is likely that they will get caught. Celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, and Ryan Phillippe to name a few can attest to this. It is not a good idea of your spouse to learn of your wandering eye through the pages of Star Magazine.

Do Not Commit Any Crimes

Celebrity mug shots are the dreams of publishers of celebrity weeklies such as Star Magazine and The National Enquirer. There are websites devoted exclusively to embarrassing pictures of entertainers. Some favorites are those of Nick Nolte, Robert Downey Jr., Hugh Grant to name a few. Before the desire to pick up a prostitute, buy illegal drugs, or drive under the influence takes hold, remember every interview going forward will discuss the lapse in judgment and show the less than flattering photo provided in public records.

Do Not Lose or Gain Drastic Amounts of Weight

Most of us know that it is incredibly easy to gain weight as we age. Celebrities have no such luck. Every morsel that they consume must be monitored. A mere five pounds of extra weight gain can easily lead to false pregnancy or depression rumors. On the opposite end of the spectrum it is not unheard of for celebrities to be shamed into shedding pounds only to be questioned about their weight loss methods or about having an eating disorder once the weight loss becomes too drastic.

Do Not Marry Kevin Federline

This should be self explanatory; however, it appears that Britney Spears never got the memo. The level of criticism she received once she started to date the former back up dancer reached epic proportions. Though you should be able to date or marry whatever person you like, the same rules do not apply in the entertainment industry. Marrying Federline made Spears become a punch line. In this case the bad publicity did not bode well for her career. The rule in Hollywood for women seems to be that it is best to marry someone who has the same amount of power or more than you. In the case that your career takes off it is essential to upgrade to a more desirable spouse. Jennifer Garner and Katie Holmes are a great example of this.

Though it may seem unfair that those who choose the entertainment industry for a living have to live by a different set of rules, they do reap the rewards of their profession. Celebrities earn large amounts of money, often more in a year then many achieve in their lifetimes. They receive preferential treatment much of the time, receive complimentary expensive items when they can afford to pay. Perhaps it is fitting that they get themselves into such crazy situations. It makes life a bit more fair.

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Lisa James reads Star Magazine and is a writer for Suscriba, seller of Star Magazine Subscriptions and other discount magazine subscriptions.