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Ed Hardy – Man Who Merged Fashion With Tattoo

It was a pioneering vision of Ed Hardy that he could merge fashion and tattoo, a craze today. We must credit him for his ability to visualize the impact of tattoo art on day-to-day and fashion wear. His brand, Ed Hardy, is a grand, colorful and lively carrier of original artwork of his. As it stands today, you will see Ed Hardy on garments, energy drink etc, because of its hot and celebrity status.

Ed Hardy is an exceptionally talented Irezumi artist trained from the masters. He is also blessed with amazing foresightedness and his joining of hands with Ku USA, saw him taking the art to larger audience and whole host of Ed Hardy line of apparels, printed vintage wears, loungewear, boxers and underwear that America does anything to have.

Today Ed Hardy is big news in Americas for his garments sporting tattoo designs. It is seen as an expensive brand but the cool looks and the wonderful experience of wearing them balances very much for the cost. If you are bent upon having a trendy look and aren’t worried by the price, don’t think of anything else; your choice never disappoints you. So, take it from me: Ed Hardy instills inspiration for the American youth, drawing generously from tattoo classics and inspiring the who-is-who of Hollywood and the motorcycle brigade that sports tattoo.

Ed Hardy is reckoned as a fashion guru in America for his creations integrating the pop and fine art cultures. It surprises none that when Christian Audigier who could create a position for himself with amazing creations and gold couture superfluities joined forces with Ed Hardy, established for tattoo and rhinestone detail. As far me, both and Ed Hardy as well as Christian Audigier make for such a wonderful team that I always wished to be amongst as well as wearing, particularly because of their matchless focus on intricacies and various aspects of design.

The fact of the matter is Christian Audigier should be credited for popularizing the art of tattoo and being the main reason behind blending it with day-to-day clothing. Audigier, is a French fashion maker and a marketer, had impressed the world by then through his breathtaking achievements as a chief marketer for Von Dutch Originals. Motivated by his successful experimentations during his tenure with Von Dutch Originals he took it up to replicate the very same techniques. Like they say, all good things get a boost following turns of events, which in this case can be cited as the merger of Christian Audigier and Ed Hardy. Direct selling to celebrities and locating the stores strategically at upmarket areas besides downtown fashion districts followed suit. However, it isn’t amazing how Audigier could set trends so easily given his background.

After a hyped and big bang launch, the highly recognized brand from California, with celebrity endorsers of the likes of Britney Spears and Christina Milian sashaying the swimwear collections, Ed Hardy is sure to hit the stands and the psyche of the entire nation shortly.

By: Rozer Winder

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Rozer Winder is a well known article writer for online shopping products. Currently, he is writing on ed hardy, ad he is also writing articles for International Prepaid Phonecards. (Published: October 1, 2008)