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Celebrity Nip Slip Funny Pictures

Currently there are many celebrities like Paris Hilton (famous for her video „1 night in Paris“), Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan that tend(ed) to forget to wear a full clothing or try to show as much body as possible. So not only bras are „forgotten“ also slips are left at home.

So it’s no wonder that photographers all over the world started to take pictures that could become an embarrasement for the ladies. But what comes as a surprise is the fact that most of these young women use this kind of negative-publicity to gain extra-attention. This can only be the reason that even a settled star like Christina Aguilera went bottomless exactly knowing that photos of her would immediately be shown all over the world.

Those paparazzi pix nowadays can easily be distributed within minutes through the internet an special gossip-sites are able to attract thousands of visitors a day with keywords like „no panties“ or whatever. So as a matter of fact this has become a real „game“ between a growing number of celebrities and the media just publishing the „needs“ of their readers or site-visitors.