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Britney Spears Perfume: Fantasy

Britney Spears is a very successful pop singer and more than once she has been the focus of the media attention. Nowadays Britney Spears has additional reasons to draw the attention of the media. “Fantasy” is the name of her second perfume brand. It was launched in september of 2005 and has since then been very popular amongst women of different age groups.

Some say it has a “sweet fruity smell to it” and others say that “it is a magic love potion of sweet temptation that leaves a tantalizing trail of embracing sensuality”. Britney says it was created with all kinds of enchanting scents and flavours like lush red lychee, golden quince, sensual woods and exotic kiwi, even with a hint of cupcakes, white chocolate and jasmine.

The scent of the perfume seems quite sweet and still not too overpowering. Fans describe it as ‘cotton candy’.
Cotton Candy is a nice smell for young women and is not the kind of smell older women should wear.

Many women are attracted by the bottle “Fantasy” comes in. It is a decorative pink bottle that has faux crystals all over it. Due to the decorative appeal of the bottle, long after the perfume is used up, the bottle can still be great for decoration.

Sales for this perfume have been good because compared to other fragrant perfumes Britney Spears “Fantasy” is considered affordable. An additional reason might be that teenage boys can often afford to buy it as a gift for their girlfriends.

„Fantasy“ was created by Jim Krivda. The new scent was released by a popular US cosmetics company, Elizabeth Arden. Since the day of launch the perfume has done extremely well as the tagline of the ads says „Everybody has one.“ The fragrance can be found online via a variety of websites and also in several different department stores. Britney Spears perfume is something that every ultimate Britney fan should have.

By: Rudy Dhondt

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Rudy Dhondt is the webmaster of the website Pleasant Scent at Perfume for her or him. (Published: 2008)