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Britney Spears get’s support from fans & other stars

Feb. 19, 2008 – The troubled Singer Britney Spears is receiving support from several side: Firstly from the internet-platform where fans can express their support and secondly from the world famous German topmodel Heidi Klum: She wants to help the singer and invite Britney Spears to her home where she lives with popstar Seal and her three kids. In a TV-show she said that she knows how it is live with constant interest in her private live and that she has already felt the negative side-effects of being a celebrity.

Heidi Klum feels deeply sorry for the singer who has lost control over her life and who made headlines, when she started going out with Paris Hilton (who became famous with her sex tape „1 night in Paris“ made by Rick Salomon, the now-ex of Pamela Anderson). This led to bottomless photos of Britney Spears (a style copied by Christina Aguilera who was also „shot“ without panties) and constant rumours about a private porn video.