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Britney Spears: Baby, Spray Me One More Time

I know, I know. You’re sick of hearing about Britney Spears, aren’t you? Me too. She’s all over the tabloids, the rumor mills, the gossip pages, the movie screen, and now – now she’s got a fourth perfume out to tickle your nose hairs, if you have any.

Ok, so I’m not a Britney Spears fan, but you don’t have to be a fan of the woman to like her perfumes. At least, I don’t think so. All that’s required is a nose and an appreciation of good smells. That is to say, I liked it; I’m not sure if you will, but it can’t hurt to try!

Britney Spears released four different perfumes, with the first hitting stores in late 2004. It was called Curious, and it was the number one fragrance in 2004 and 2005. Next came Fantasy, and then In Control, followed recently by Fantasy Midnight in late December of 2006. All of her perfumes have done quite well, though Midnight has reportedly not performed as well as expected. They can be purchased at local department stores or online (best price).

Britney Spears perfumes are made my Elizabeth Arden with complete cooperation of the star. In other words, Britney does know these are being sold in her name and is most likely getting a big slice of the perfume pie. Britney Spears is just one in a long line of celebrities diving into the world of perfumes, swimming in the same pool as Elizabeth Taylor, Prince and fellow blonde Paris Hilton.

Britney Spears first perfume was called Curious, and as mentioned, it won best fragrance of 2004 and best women’s fragrance of 2005. Britney was reportedly paid 12 million dollars to put her name on the bottle, a bottle which went on to earn over 100 million dollars for Elizabeth Arden and company. It came in your choice of blue or pink and is described by wearers as a light floral scent.

The second perfume to be introduced was Fantasy, and Elizabeth Arden went all out on the marketing campaign. Unfortunately, wearers of the new perfume weren’t impressed and many said that marketing the scent of strawberry shortcakes turned out to be more of a fantasy than the perfume did. Also noticed – the bottle looks strangely like the Love Potion Number 9 bottle.

In Control was Britney Spears next perfume. It was supposed to be a combination of Curious and Fantasy, but it turned out to be more of a bomb than a blast. Wearers constantly complained about the weak scent and the constant need to reapply the fragrance to continue smelling it, a shame since 90% of the people surveyed said they liked the smell.

Midnight is the latest Britney Spears perfume and it hasn’t done much better than the ones before it. Wearers complained that instead of being too weak, this one was so strong many people felt sick or nauseous after wearing it for a few hours. The scent also got harsh reviews, with comments such as grape bubblegum and grape kool-aid being the most common.

As for price, look to pay about $50 to $70 dollars in your local department store. If you shop wisely, expect to pay about $30 to $50 dollars. Both of these prices are assuming you want a 3.3 oz bottle, anything less or more will change the price. Overall, I would have to say this is a contest too close to call; some people love it and some people hate it. My advice? Try it out at any department store, then head back home to buy it online.

By: Shauna Moline

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