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Biography Of Abi Titmuss

June 28, 2008 – Early life

Abigail Evelyn Titmuss is one of the best known faces all over the world. She is a model turned into a television star and then an actress. Abigail Titmuss, who is also known as Abi Titmuss was born on the 8th of February,1976. She was born and brought up in Ruskington, Lincolnshire. Abi was a talented child and played clarinet as a hobby in school. Her parents got divorced when she was only 17 and she became a staff nurse in London. There was one such incident while she was working at the Royal Brampton hospital where one of the senior officers names „Dr.Rahman“ harassed her sexually. Rahman was found guilty when he produced the tapes of him confronting Abi while she was completely nude in a shower. After meeting the famous TV personality, John Leslie, she started taking small assignments for the television programs. However, she continued her job as a nurse at the same time as working on these projects.

Relationships seem to be pretty common in the glamour industry. Abi Titmuss had her first serious relationship in Ruskington. Thereafter she met the TV personality John Leslie at a party and then the relationship immediately clicked off. In her autobiography, which was released in the year 2002, she has confessed that she was sexually assaulted in the early times of her career by a very famous TV presenter then. After this relationship, her personal life was precisely followed. Leslie was known to have an exorbitant life style and there were several pictures released in which Abi and Leslie took part in a series of sex sessions. Apart from that, Leslie was caught snoozing cocaine. Soon after these accusations, Leslie was arrested and Abi was by his side all through the trial. The couple broke up after the trial and Abi started dating the comedians „Patrick McGuines“ and „David Williams“. She was also rumored to have another serious relationship with her co-star Lee Sharpe from the show „Celebrity Love Island“. But even this relationship couldn’t go further due to Sharpe’s other affairs. Titmuss is also linked to Russell Brand and Brendan Cole.

Professional life

Abi started taking television interviews and that promoted her image as the real sex star of Britain. When she was asked by one of the tabloid newspapers, she openly confessed that she is actually dirty and not merely posing for it and also loves sex. Thereafter she started presenting pornographic shows on the Television X and also released a sex fitness video. She made public appearances in the pubs all across Europe and went about writing an erotic novel. She was featured on the cover pages of a whole bunch of magazines and was offered roles in major television projects. She was tagged the seventh sexiest female in the world by the readers of FHM in the year 2005. She was also known as the face of the 21st century. In the present day, she has a great fan following all across the globe.

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