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Are You Ready For The Britney Spears Tour?

Are You Ready For The Britney Spears Tour?
Are You Ready For The Britney Spears Tour?

Tours, for most entertainers, serve at least two purposes. They allow the entertainer to see the world, and even more importantly, between tours and record sales, they provide the entertainer with their biggest slice of revenue. For some entertainers, namely one Britney Spears, they also provide the star with a chance to connect with fans and hopefully prove some critics wrong. One thing is for sure: Britney Spears has proven that she knows how to tour. Her debut tour took place in 1999, when she hit 56 cities across North America.
With an abundance of airplay for her latest single „Womanizer“ from her sixth studio album Circus, a Britney Spears tour would make sense to be next in line. In fact, it begins March 2009. A Britney Spears tour can rake in millions for the 27-year-old star. With her father managing her finances, those millions can come in handy after spending so much on shopping sprees and legal fees.
Hit Us ‚One More Time‘
It was more than ten years ago, in 1998, when we were hit the first time by Spears‘ single „Baby One More Time.“ And hit we were – by a rather sexy school girl outfit on a Britney Spears that most, until then, had thought of as innocent. Prior to that song and that outfit, she had spent most of her time singing in church – choirs and revues. And then, we were hit again, by a racy Rolling Stone cover with the then-teenaged Spears in nothing but a bra and a pair of boy shorts. Apparently someone knew what they were doing then, because a Britney Spears tour commanded countless millions in ticket sales and merchandise revenues. Merchandise alone on a Britney Spears tour can run the average fan in the hundreds of dollars.
Britney Spears is a virtual Midas – everything she touches turns to gold. Not only does she rake in the dough for singing and dancing on stage, but her endorsements have padded her bank account quite nicely as well. Britney’s 2001 promotional contract with Pepsi was a multi-million dollar one for the star. Then, with the help of Elizabeth Arden, Britney created her first perfume called „Curious“ in 2004, and in mere weeks it had earned $100 million in sales. With such success in scents, why stop at one? She followed her first perfume with the 2005 successful scent called „Fantasy,“ which became a similar Spears success. Having smelled success in the perfume industry, Britney kept right on rolling in it. In 2006 she released „Curious: In Control“ and „Midnight Fantasy“ as well. And if that wasn’t enough, she created „Curious Heart“ in January, 2008 and by then her perfume profits had exceeded her wildest imagination. Successful scents aside, Spears is at her monetary best while onstage, entertaining her fans. Despite the tours netting her more than anything else, Britney continues to branch out. Spears has published four books, created a video game, and marketed a doll. This superstar has earned for herself over $350 million in Britney Spears tour sales, and over $185 million in Britney Spears merchandise sales.
Britney Spears‘ average fan ranges between 16 and 24 years of age, and they’d better start babysitting or waiting on a few extra tables before this next tour – they’ll need the extra cash. Whether Mom and Dad are buying, or the fan herself, Britney Spears tour memorabilia, which includes CDs, posters, t-shirts, key chains, programs and collectible jackets, tends to average over $100,000 a night in gross sales.
Britney Spears continues to work, even when she’s not on tour. She’s branched out to television, and has several credits to her name. In 2004 Britney Spears and her ex Kevin Federline starred together in Britney & Kevin: Chaotic. This was, needless to say, a reality TV show. Britney’s TV appearances don’t stop there, however. She also made an appearance on Will & Grace in 2006 and on How I Met Your Mother in 2008. It’s hard to hide a meltdown when you have as much exposure as Britney Spears. You can bet she’ll be working overtime to prove to her fans that she’s back, and she’s better than ever.
Britney Spears Tour: ‚Circus‘ Act
Britney Spears next tour will begin in New Orleans on March 3, 2009, and will close in Chicago on April 29, 2009. But don’t despair if you’re a „foreign“ fan – Britney will make two stops in Canada in March and April, as well as eight stops in Europe! This Britney Spears tour is being produced by both Mega live entertainment and the multimedia production company AEG Live, so expect good things this time out! With the number of stops and the distance she’ll cover, Britney Spears‘ tour is definitely coming soon to a city near you!

By: Matt Ryan

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