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Angelina Jolie Is Paris Hilton’s Idol

Angelina Jolie Is Paris Hilton’s Idol
Angelina Jolie Is Paris Hilton’s Idol

Celebutante Paris Hilton has confessed in a recent interview that she would like to become Angelina Jolie. She looks up to the sexy mom and actress a lot and believes that the both of them would get along very well. “I love Angelina Jolie,” Paris gushes. “She’s strong but gorgeous and uses her fame for good to make a big difference in the world. That’s a great quality. I’d have a lot in common with her.”

Paris adds: ““I don’t like it when people are liars or users – girls who are just trying to be my friend for the wrong reasons. I’ve had a lot of people in my past who were friends with me just to get publicity. When I was young, my mom or sister used to have to point out if someone was using me to make a name for themselves – you know, linking arms with me on the red carpet and trying to get in every picture. But now I can see for myself when someone is just hungry for attention.”

This seems to be a very strange sentiment, coming from the 27-year-old heiress. Considering that Paris has been traipsing around the world with her new BFF Brittany Flickinger, whom she officially befriended on-camera on her latest reality show My New BFF, she seems to be contradicting herself. My New BFF, as the title clearly suggests, is a drawn-out audition for Paris’s new best friend, chosen from a roster of applicants from all over the United States.

In an attempt to clarify things a little bit, Paris goes on to say: “I have this great test to see if a girl’s a real friend. When we’re shopping I’ll pick out an outfit that I know looks hot and one that is awful. If my friend says the bad one looks good, I know she’s not a good friend.”

Paris newest reality show project is My New BBF (British Best Friend), wherein she lets Brits take a crack this time at becoming her latest tag-along. There will be fourteen people who will vie for the title, taking on a series of challenges that will test their BBF potential.

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By: Alia Jocob

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