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Sporty and Healthy Last-Minute Ideas for Christmas Presents

Every year, a few weeks before Christmas, we are faced with the following question: “What can I get my family and friends for Christmas?” Unfortunately, ingenuity is often absent in this case and the presents under the Christmas tree consist…
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Fit and Smart through Sports

It is generally accepted that sports benefit people’s fitness and health. But a brand new study reveals that high-intensity exercise makes people even smarter! During the four-month study, Canadian researchers investigated the effects of regular interval training on cognitive performance….
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Breakfast with Dessert: Good for Weight Management

Dieters usually list desserts and sweets as clear ‘don’ts’. But personal will is often too weak, and a relapse into sweat-feasting habits sabotages most dieting goals. The question of whether a strict ban of all sweets is really necessary for…
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Light Improves Athletic Performance

A variety of factors influence athletic performance: Physical fitness and stamina, as well as the manner of nutrition, probably have the most impact. But a new study found another aspect, which had remained widely unconsidered: light. According to the study,…
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Ignoring the Body Clock – Harmful for Health and Weight

Working late at night, irregular eating times and hardly enough sleep – these are the basic features of the term “social jetlag”, which was invented by Professor Till Roenneberg from the University of Munich. For this kind of jetlag, it…
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Setting course for the dream weight with healthy snacking

Which effect does the frequency of daily meals have on personal weight control? Calorie-conscious eaters are not alone in wondering if three steady meals a day, or rather several smaller snacks throughout the day, leads to successful weight loss. This…
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Die Rolle des CIO: Zwischen Innovation und Kostenkontrolle

Die Informationstechnologie ist weltweit zu einem zentralen Faktor für den wirtschaftlichen Erfolg von Unternehmen geworden. Das ist eines der Ergebnisse der von IBM 2009 durchgeführten Studie „Die neue Stimme des CIO“. Für diese Studie wurden über 2500 CIOs aus 19 Branchen in 78 Ländern persönlich befragt, das macht sie zur weltweit größten Studie ihrer Art. In Österreich gab es 29 CIO Interviews.