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The Simple Life With Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton: Sex, Drugs & Pop! 
The Simple Life With Paris Hilton

You’ve seen her on TV, in movies and you certainly listened to her music. She is sexy, intriguing and mysterious. Having an already famous name, Paris Hilton is more than renowed. Playboy magazine called her the sex star of the year and Guiness book chose her as the most overestimated celebrity. Nevertheless, she is not only a rich celebrity but a true American symbol, adored by millions of people.

Paris was born in 1981 in the Hilton family and lived a luxurious childhood. She took up modelling and quickly attracted the eye of the media. Today, she is more than a model and has set true fashion trends. Despite her bad reputation, she is well known for being an actress, writer and singer. Paris Hilton is not as superficial as some may think but she still has a lot to prove.

The most important question is: Has Paris obtained the celebrity status she longed so much for? The answer comes quick; she did though not by using traditional methods. She is known worldwide for being one of the partying celebrities, always taking part in scandals and making sure that the tabloids are filled with articles about her. Her manners are often rude and insulting; also she is known to have been implicated in sex scandals and topless exhibiting.

Taking apart her ill fame and taste for unsuitable romances, Paris Hilton is a symbol for the beautiful and determined woman. She has played in a lot of films, mostly bit parts but her most remarkable interpretations are represented by the ‘House of Wax’ and the reality show ‘The simple life’. Along with Nicole Richie, daughter of esteemed singer Lionel Richie, she entertained the whole world, showing that she could face up or at least try deal with the simple country life.

For four seasons, the two girls went through a series of adventures, drawing millions of people in front of the television. ‘The simple life’ only helped to enhancement of Paris Hilton as a widely known celebrity. They had to move in with the Leding Family in Altus, Arkansas for one month and undertake a serious experiment. The experience proved to be more than amusing; the girls didn’t manage to get their hands dirty. However, they succeeded to cause a lot of disturbancies, including using someone elses credit card and losing their jobs.

The second season of ‘The simple life’ was given the name ‘Road Trip’ due to their driving across the country in a pickup truck. This season also attracted a lot of viewers, increasing Fox Channel’s ratings and also the popularity of Paris Hilton. The girls were filmed while catching fish, actively engaging in housemaid activities and even preparing sausage.

As the ratings of ‘The simple life’ continued to rise, Fox released a third season called ‘Interns’. The girls traveled once more, this time taking internships and having in one episode with an unforgettable confrontation with twin infant orangutans. The fourth season features the two girls playing wife, the action taking place in LA. At this moment, there are some discussions about realising the fifth season, called Malibu camp.

Paris Hilton is not only famous for her acting career. Some time ago, she launched under a famous brand, a luxury line of perfumes, called Paris Hilton Just Me. Seductive and mysterious scents were mixed creating youthful, vigorous and fresh fragrances. For her and for him, Paris Hilton Just Me line of perfumes provide a scent of radiancy and magic.

Raspberries, peppercorn, vanilla and freesia are just some of the ingredients of Paris Hilton Just Me perfumes. They are meant to be worn by confident, sexy and powerful women, the notes combining in a very special way just as Paris said. The main theme of the perfumes is given by the combination between lily, iris, white rose and sandalwood.

The Paris Hilton Just me perfumes exude sophistication and style. The line for men provides exquisite, intense scents from citrus, black currant and grass aromas. The perfume has a cool fragrance, being masculine and perfect for daytime wear. The mango, cedarwood and amber make this cologne more than tempting, just as its creator is.

By: Ken Wilson

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