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New Celebrity Mommies In Hollywood

June 19, 2008 – We’ve seen a lot of scandals, we’ve seen a lot of mishaps in Hollywood now here comes the joyful part. Since the beginning of the year 2007 there is a lot of gossips speculating the pregnancies of celebrity sweethearts of the big screen. Tom Cruise got married to the very beautiful Katie Holmes then came Suri their very cute little girl! Then in a matter of months another Hollywood Couple celebrated as the Brangelina baby fever crosses borders not just in Hollywood but in other continents as well. As of now we all now that mommies are getting alive as they give new birth to future movie and television icons. As a matter of fact babies from Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes were now considered hottest commodities as their pictures became a hot item for paparazzi. Anyway the topic is not just the birth of these cutties but also for the responsible parenthood of these shining individuals, they may seem to allure the limelight of their popularity but they must also take a step forward for the serious business they have to face for the benefit if their newborns.

As far as popularity is involved the measurement of stardom reflects on the centerpiece of their relationships, its really a tough responsibility getting your kids grow on the shades of your Hollywood fame. Well lets have an example of good parenting and love for kids. Couples like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been doing charitable works by adopting kids with different nationalities and that’s what makes them popular among Hollywood fans. On the contrary Britney has the worst parenting guidelines as she lost control of her sanity but also the custody of her cute little babies form K-fed! That is just an example of out if her mind mommy, anyway the red carpet premiere of new mommies have finally rolled out on the big screen of Hollywood news and gossips, and the last addition to the list of hot mommies is Fantastic Four’s Jessica Alba. Wow this is a new that continues to shine as her baby moments come alive with her first born child to Cash Warren, I think everything went well for her lucky guy Cash Warren hope this couple will do big time too as cameras and paparazzi comes to hunt pictures of their kid.


“The Brangelina Fever” isn’t over yet! As the famous Tomb Raider star is expecting twins this time. Rumors said that Brangelina has decided a close watch on the babies not allowing media to flash any information that would ruin their private life , the couple resorted to Namibia as media hype continues to follow Angelina Jolie and her future child, anyway that was the story of their first born baby girl, and to follow the most anticipated birth after Jesus Christ Brad and Angelina goes to France for a permanent vacation as their brood continues expanding with mixed racial kids. Now if you’re wondering why they chose to live in their 35 million pound chateau, ironically is for privacy purposes the couple decided to splash a multi million dollar home in France all because the country has strict laws for privacy, sorry paparazzi your gate is closed for the Brangelina baby pack up your bags and get out!

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