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Entrepreneurial Success Showcased and Sought After

LONDON - 14 January 2008 - Ariadne Capital (Ariadne), » www.ariadnecapital.com, the investment and advisory firm backing leading entrepreneurs, is hosting their second Investor Forum on Tuesday the 15th of January in central London.

With the theme of 'GOING PLATINUM', the Ariadne Capital Investor Forum will bring together 250 venture capital and private investors, as well media, analysts and other leading entrepreneurs.

Keynote speakers include:
* David Rowe [EasyNet now BSkyB]
* Stefan Glaenzer [last.fm]
* Arjo Ghosh [founder of SpannerWorks, now iCrossing]
* Candace Johnson [SES Astra and SES Global]
* Mark Rowland [Founder and CEO of Indiemedia]
* Alastair Lukies [epolitix and Monitise],
* Wayne Lochner [BetBrokers],
* Martijn Tjho [IndependentIP]

The CEO's and Founders of Ariadne portfolio companies who will be presenting to investors include:

* Martijn Tjho of IndependentIP - the B2B supply chain company for
digital music
* Peter Bond of Otodio - personal interactive audio
* Adrian Burholt of Key Revolution - a secure portable and
protected data storage functionality and secure online services based on the SIM.
* Willy Camden of Lickerish - An image and video agency that
syndicates images for some of the world's best photographers as
well as publishing companies.
* Jonathan Lakin of Enrich Social Productions - a new
multi-channel format and technology company focussed on the convergence of television, online and mobile - with "1Click2Fame", a global multi-channel talent format designed to harness and democratise the public's passion for fame and the culture of "celebrity me"
* David Gjester of Bizmo - Personal online music store
* Roger Gronberg of Momail - Free Mobile Email
* Daniel Doulton of SpinVox - Voice Messaging leader
* Mark Imrie of ROK Mobile - Mobile Entertainment Group

Morse, the FTSE 250 IT Consultancy, is a close partner of Ariadne
Capital, and has sponsored the Investor Forum. They provide in-depth
understanding and extensive experience in helping their clients understand all the implications, options, risks and most importantly present and future costs that must be considered when looking to outsource.

"We are creating the new music industry even while the old record industry is dying," said Clive Rich, Head of Digital Music, Ariadne
Capital. "The music companies showcased are forming an ecosystem which
is creating a new music value chain for users, artists, labels and brands. On a day when EMI is asking itself some hard questions about the future of Music, we already have some of the answers."

Julie Meyer, the founder and CEO of Ariadne Capital said, " 'GOING PLATINUM' captures the spirit of entrepreneurship that Ariadne backs. These entrepreneurs at the Forum have put it all on the line - 'bet the farm' - because they feel compelled to bring their vision to life."

About Ariadne Capital
Ariadne Capital is a London-based investment and advisory firm focused on game changers in the communications, web development, digital media and life services sectors [consumer financial services, e-health,
digital home and e-commerce].
Ariadne Capital was founded by Julie Meyer, the Chief Executive who also founded First Tuesday, which ignited the Internet generation across
Europe in 1998. Ariadne's 42 founding investors include the founders
of Hotmail, Worldpay, Sportingbet, Betfair, lastminute.com and others.

Ariadne's vision is to back the best entrepreneurs in the market and to
build global leaders out of Europe.

# # #

Media Contact:

For Ariadne Capital and All Keynotes
Amy Logan for Julie Meyer

Jonathan Simnett for SpinVox

Peter Critchley
Marketing Director

Editors note: All speakers' talks are being captured on video, and will be made available on the Ariadne website the week of the 22nd of January

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Re: Ariadne Capital
Date: 14/01/2008

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