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New Wapple Advert Package means anyone can benefit from mobile advertising

9 January 2008: Wapple (» http://wapple.net) has launched a quick and easy way for companies to get a mobile advertising campaign up and running based on its popular Wapple Canvas(tm) web-based tools for creating mobile web sites. The new Wapple Advert Package provides all the tools, templates, tips and advice needed to create and publish a fully interactive mobile advertising site. Ads are automatically optimised and delivered to thousands of different mobile phones and devices, either as a stand alone ad or part of an integrated, cross-media campaign.

The Wapple Advert Package includes access to a wide range of templates that walk users through the process of creating a successful mobile ad, including essential calls to action such as 'click throughs', 'click to call' or 'purchase now' links, for example. But it also provides the creative freedom to run with new ideas with the help of easy to use design and build tools and Wapple's Top Ten Tips for mobile advertising. The package also allows companies to deliver downloadable content as part of the promotion.

"Mobile advertising is set to revolutionise the way companies interact and communicate with their target audience, but it is still a new media and a proper understanding of mobile is needed to get it right," says Anne Thomas, business development director at Wapple. "With our new Wapple Advert Package, we are not just giving people the ability to create and publish a mobile advertising site; we are giving them everything they need to do it successfully. We provide the knowledge and expertise to take advantage of the unique attributes of mobile, as well as advice on driving traffic to the ad and integrating mobile advertising into existing digital, print and broadcast campaigns."

Companies can sign up for the Wapple Advert Package at » http://go.wapple.net/mobile-advertising.htm from just £30 per month.

About Wapple
Wapple was established in 2004 and is one of the pioneers of mobile internet site creation, management, billing integration and solutions deployment. Its powerful web-based tools allow companies to create professional and user-friendly mobile internet sites. Wapple's portfolio already includes MTV, Sonopia, and Metallica mobile sites along with new media agencies such as, G8Wave, MyThum, Cherry Media, Screentonic, and Brickhouse.

For more information please contact:
Allie Andrews, PRPR, Tel: 01442 245030, allie@prpr.co.uk

Anne Thomas, Business Development Director, Wapple, Tel: 01527 558247 anne@wapple.net

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Title: Create mobile adverts in moments with Wapple
Re: Wapple
Date: 09/01/2008

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