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for mainstream users

Forrester: VoIP customer experience is not ready for mainstream users

04.04.2007 -
Consumers choose VoIP since it offers select zero or low-cost alternative to expensive phones calls which Telcos cannot beat. Current Web-based VoIP offers have attracted tech savvy consumers. To also attract mainstream consumers VoIP vendors Skype, Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft, and ICQ now have to radically improve the customer experience as this is the main VoIP differentiator. According to Forrester Research, telecom and cable operators have an edge in this market segment.
In a new report, Forrester examines how well the top five VoIP players in Europe -- Google Talk, ICQ, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, and Windows Live Messenger -- score on user experience. Following the principles of its Scenario Design and Web Site Review methodologies, Forrester evaluates to which extend they really meet the needs of existing VoIP users, but also of potential mainstream consumers. Whilst VoIP applications pass the mark on some criteria, the report shows that there are many common flaws and VoIP players have to drastically improve, particularly in the areas of installation and set-up, user self-testing, search and directory, offline messaging and voicemail.
“Telcos and mobile operators have to face the VoIP challenge,” says Zayera Kahn, Forrester analyst and author of the VoIP best practices report. “With so many usability and technology issues facing mainstream consumers using current VoIP vendors, telcos have a great window of opportunity to capture the non tech-savvy crowds. Being the current provider of communication to these consumers, they have the edge.

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