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Laser Diode Bars at Photonics West

New laser diode bar to offer more than 60W power output at increased efficiency and brightness for pumping and fiber coupled applications

Zurich, Switzerland - January 15, 2008 - Bookham, Inc. (NASDAQ: BKHM), a leading manufacturer of optical components for industrial applications, today announced the launch of its next generation 808nm multi-mode high power laser diode bar portfolio, with the fully qualified products delivering in excess of 60W in continuous wave operation for pumping and fiber-coupled applications.

At Photonics West 2008, Bookham (#1207) will show the first range of products from the new platform that will enable higher efficiency and increased power resulting in reduced energy consumption and thermal loads. The 40W 30% Fill Factor and 60W 50% Fill Factor 808nm laser diode bars, available on passive cooler and micro-channel cooler, are designed to deliver higher power, improved efficiencies and extended lifetimes to customers' laser systems. To achieve full qualification, the gold-tin hard-soldered laser diode bar products have successfully passed rigorous hard pulsed lifetests, including accelerated long-term operation at 100W for the 50% Fill Factor device.

"This new generation of 808nm product is built on a proven semiconductor material structure that will allow us to grow this portfolio of products, increasing output and offering customers a scalable solution to deliver greater power and reliability in their laser systems," said Bookham senior product line manager, Christian Naumer. "In the Bookham facility, we have demonstrated up to 130W CW at 50% Fill Factor with this product; this first launch is just the start of a portfolio that will see Bookham positioned as the leader in high power 8xx products, matching our high power, high brightness and high reliability leadership in 9xx and 10xx products."

The new bars offer low divergence in the fast and slow axis, enabling cost-effective side-pumping and fiber coupling, reducing losses and improving coupling efficiencies. The next generation 808 products are available in highly customised configurations, including multi-bar arrays.

In addition to showcasing its technology at the exhibition, Bookham will be presenting three technical papers at associated symposium LASE 2008: 'Recent developments for BAR and BASE: setting the trends', 'Emission wavelength stabilization in broad area lasers coupled to fiber Bragg gratings' and 'Performance and reliability of pulsed 1060 nm laser modules'.

High resolution images of the 808nm laser diode bars are available on request from gemma@bcspr.co.uk


Notes to editors

1. Photonics West is taking place at the San Jose Convention
Center, San Jose, California, 19-24 January, 2008. For further information, visit » http://spie.org/photonics-west.xml
2. Bookham will be exhibiting at the Photonics West exhibition,
22-24 January, at stand #1207
3. Bookham will be exhibiting at the BiOS exhibition, 19-20
January, at stand #8636
4. To arrange an interview with representatives of Bookham before
or during the show, please contact Howard Jones on howard@bcspr.co.uk or
+44 7980 772 285

Contact Info:

Julie Molloy
Bookham, Inc.
+44 (0) 115 948 6901


Howard Jones
BCS Public Relations
+44 (0) 7967 223 448

About Bookham
Bookham is a leading manufacturer and independent, vertically integrated supplier of high performance, high reliability industrial laser diodes across many markets, including industrial, medical, display, analytical, printing, aerospace and defense.

The company boasts two decades of experience as a leader in laser diode development, continued investment in technology and customer support, and offers scalability for cost efficient, high volume production through the use of advanced automated manufacturing processes in its state of the art facility in Zurich.

Bookham was the first company to offer 120W 9xxnm diode bars and is a leader in the market for single emitter pigtailed laser modules for fiber laser pumping. The company's diversified high power laser diode offering ranges from 10W pigtailed multimode modules to 120W bars and 2.4kW fast axis collimated stacks.

More information on Bookham, Inc. is available at » www.bookham.com

Bookham and all other Bookham, Inc. product names and slogans are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bookham, Inc. in the USA or other countries.

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Title: Bookham Launches Next Generation 808nm Laser
Diode Bars at Photonics West
Re: Bookham
Date: 15/01/2008

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