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for Critical Application Delivery via SMS

New mobile casino chooses SMS connectivity services provider for delivery of WAP Push SMS

January 9th, 2007 - London, UK: Mobile messaging provider TynTec today announces that it has been selected by newly launched mobile casino youaretheking to provide business critical SMS delivery to user's devices. TynTec will provide guaranteed high-quality delivery of the WAP push SMS which users will use to download the youaretheking.com application once they have registered interest.

Youaretheking is a brand new mobile casino application developed by Vegas Wireless Entertainment (VWE) offering blackjack, roulette and progressive slots to mobile users. Once the WAP Push message is delivered using TynTec's enterprise quality SMS, users can download the youaretheking.com application, which is uniquely tailored to each specific device using the VWE Playshare system.

TynTec is able to guarantee the delivery of this SMS because of the company's unique deep level SS7 connection into the global mobile network. This, coupled with a purpose built SMS-C, has allowed TynTec to develop the highest possible quality of service parameters for SMS, ensuring fast, reliable and secure delivery and end to end tracking of every message sent.

Michael Kowalzik, CEO of TynTec, said: "It is vital for a company like youaretheking to be able to guarantee the delivery of SMS containing the WAP push because it is central to driving users to the service. TynTec's unique technology ensures this SMS arrives and is tracked from transmission to delivery, allowing youaretheking to operate safe in the knowledge that this has been delivered."

Paul Ramsay, CEO of VWE said, "By outsourcing the delivery of the WAP push SMS to TynTec we ensure that one of the most crucial parts of our operation is handled by a specialist with unparalleled insight."

"By guaranteeing delivery of this message we optimize the retention of as many users as possible through the sign-up process."


For more information please contact:
Patrick Herridge
Parys Communications
020 7622 9951

Paul Ramsay
Vegas Wireless Entertainment

About TynTec
TynTec is a mobile messaging service provider, offering powerful SMS functionality to operators, enterprises, aggregators, ISPs and message resellers. Through partnerships with mobile operators the company has unique, multiple points of access into the deep level (SS7) mobile telecoms network, enabling it to offer a new level of quality in messaging services.

TynTec offers a range of services that leverage its network access including international SMS hubbing, outsourced operator messaging services and enterprise SMS.

TynTec works with a wide range of mobile operators and major global businesses including O2, T-Mobile, Accenture, British Airways and Google.

IMT - International Messaging Transit (IMT) is an SMS hubbing technology - it facilitates the seamless global interoperability of SMS between operators without the need for hundreds of costly individual bi-lateral interoperability agreements

Managed services - TynTec's Managed Services enable operators of all sizes to outsource non-core technical activities such as long-number SMS reception, OTA, number range hosting and even the entire SMS-C

Enterprise SMS - TynTec's enterprise services division offers businesses carrier-grade SMS messaging, enabling them to use SMS in mission critical applications and corporate communications

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Title: YOUARETHEKING.COM Selects TynTec for Critical Application Delivery via SMS
Date: 09/01/2008

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