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For Efficient Management Of Complex Mobile Networks

Frees engineering time for innovative new work

London, 12 December 2007 - Actix, the leader in Network Status Management solutions or mobile operators, today announced the introduction of the Actix Spotlight Workgroup Server solution, a centralized system designed to help engineers quickly and efficiently act on network status information, which has been collected, processed and managed automatically.

Forming part of the Actix One framework, a set of architectural software capabilities and principles combined to increase efficiency in radio access Network Status Management, Spotlight Workgroup Server compliments Actix' existing Spotlight product, a desktop solution which automatically detects and assesses potential network problems to deliver diagnosis and management reports.

Automatic Server-based Processing

Spotlight Workgroup Server's Actix One compatibility enables the automatic processing of drive test data into a centrally shared Spotlight project on a 24/7 basis, whenever new data files are submitted to a central landing zone without the need to re-import files for each new users. This frees up engineer's time and computing resources that would normally be spent post-processing data locally, to focus on more useful engineering tasks.

Integration with Network Configuration Data Sources
o The Workgroup Server platform can be configured to integrate
with network configuration management systems and has the ability to track and store changes to network configuration over time. This enables Spotlight to analyze and present performance engineering information against the network configuration that was active at the time that information was collected.
* Survey Management Capabilities
o In addition to processing drive test data, the Workgroup Server
capability includes a number of features for efficiently archiving and managing drive test data that have been submitted to the system. Users can associate information such as 'why data was collected', 'who collected it' etc. with each submitted file and can then use that information along with other properties such as location, date and type to subsequently retrieve or drill-into selected data in more detail.
* Enterprise-wide Access to Shared Performance Engineering
o The Workgroup Server platform allows Spotlight applications to
be deployed in a Citrix environment for the first time, allowing engineers to access a shared central Spotlight project from anywhere within the enterprise. This simplifies the deployment and maintenance of the Spotlight software and promotes better sharing of information between engineers.

"Designed to support small workgroups of concurrent Spotlight users and to be accessible from anywhere within the enterprise, Spotlight Workgroup Server enables engineers to drive even more value from Spotlight's troubleshooting and optimization features. And because it is based on the Actix One principles, it provides a scalable, future-proof platform, which can be extended to serve other performance engineering needs such as automatic optimization, web-based audit and report, and engineering task prioritization and management," commented Keith Reed, Actix' Product Manager for Spotlight.

Spotlight Workgroup Server delivers a number of benefits to operators seeking engineering efficiency improvements and reduced operational
expenditure; built-in automatic processing engines liberate engineers' time to focus on other tasks by presenting them with actionable information sooner, and promoting the use of standardized processes. Meanwhile, access to a central shared database and archive improves visibility of information and means engineers can re-use available data immediately, without waiting for data to be reloaded to a desktop. Spotlight Workgroup Server also allows for several weeks of data to be stored and shared across multiple nodes.

About Actix

With increasingly fierce competition and sky-high customer expectations, mobile operators around the world are striving to extract every last bit of performance and value from one of the biggest assets, the radio access network. UK-based Actix helps wireless carriers enhance revenue growth and improve operating margins by delivering intelligent, automated network performance engineering and network status management systems. Actix solutions feature embedded wireless expertise, automating key processes and enabling very significant efficiencies in the deployment and operation of carriers' networks, delivering measurably higher performance at lower cost. Over 10,000 engineers from 227 operators - including Verizon, O2, AT&T and T-Mobile - in 106 countries globally depend upon Actix software every day to help improve coverage for more than 1,100,000,000 subscribers. For more information, please see » www.actix.com.

Press contacts:

Nicola Garvin/Sarah Rhodes
AxiCom (for Actix)
Email: nicola.garvin@axicom.com
Tel: +44 (0)20 8392 4050

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Title: Actix Launches Spotlight Workgroup
Server For Efficient Management Of Complex Mobile Networks
Re: Actix
Date: 12/12/2007

WebitPR (» www.webitpr.com) has distributed this release on behalf of AxiCom. Please contact Nicola Garvin/Sarah Rhodes, on +44 (0)20 8392 4050 or email actix@axicom.com, if you have any questions or enquiries regarding the release.

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