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„Horror Father“ attempted to rape several women in the past

Horror House May 2, 2008 – The horrible incest case in Austria not only shocked the small town of Amstetten where the dungeon was built, but made headlines all over the world. The now 73 year old man held his daugther in a home-made prison under his house for 24 years where he fathered her seven children, one of them died soon after birth and was burned in an oven.

Now several sources in Austria say that the „Horror Father“ had a dark history before this: He was sentenced to jail because of raping a woman at a time when he already had own kids with his wife. In the town of Linz a woman now told the media that she now recognized him by his eyes. In 1967 he raped the woman in her own bedroom and said that he would kill her if she would tell someone.

In the 1990s when the man adopted his own child from the dungeon his time in prison was statute-barred and no one could guess what kind of past he had. He should also have attempted to rape several women and now the authorities in Austria go through „cold cases“ where women disappeared or where unsolved crimes could have been commited by him.