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In 2008 UK Buyers Should Look to Paris for Strong, Safe Property Investments

LONDON - December 18, 2007 - France Home Finance, the leading French based independent mortgage broker for non-residents and expatriates and Flat Hunter the premier buyers agent in Paris, are expecting the Parisian property market in 2008 to reach the market ideal of strong steady capital appreciation - but without the risk of a property bubble.

Home prices in Paris continued to climb steadily in 2007 with August representing the 8th month of consecutive increases.

Overall, the market saw a total increase of 8.4%, a growth that represents an ideal appreciation rate, balancing strong investment growth with affordability and safety - but without the over heated growth that can lead to a housing market bubble.

Despite the appreciation, Paris property price increases have dropped below the symbolic bar of +10% making it far more affordable than other global capital cities such as London, Amsterdam, Dublin, New York or Tokyo.

„For UK buyers, the sustained housing shortage in Paris represents the opportunity for top returns on real estate investment. Rental returns remain high as Paris maintains its position as the number one global tourist destination and the new high-speed train link has further increased its attraction as a weekend get-away“ says Galenya Dubois from Flat Hunter.

The value of a Parisian property investment is further secured by the confined geographic area of the city. Constructible land is scarce and the high quality of life in Paris and its convenient location in the heart of Europe all contribute to its current position as one of the most sought after global locations.

Unlike investments in the US or UK, the French market is also safe from the impact of the global mortgage crisis.

„In France, mortgage lending is strictly based on the debt to revenue ratio. This means that it can be more difficult to obtain a French mortgage - but that is also the reason that the French banking system is so stable“ says Tahminae Madani, the founder, France Home Finance, „In 2008 we would advise UK investors hoping to realise the dream of being French property owners to look into how they can leverage the solid appreciation and strong rental prospects of Paris property and to seek professional advice on their options.“ About France Home Finance

France Home Finance, is the leading French based independent mortgage broker for non-residents and expatriates. Founded in 2004 by a team of British, American and French bankers the France Home Finance team has now grown to include specialist finance and property experts. In the last year, France Home Finance was able to secure over ∈ 40 million in loans for their clients.
France Home Finance is dedicated to the highest level of customer service and acts as the general contractor on all aspects of the negotiations for the entire life of the mortgage. This includes coordinating all bi-lingual communications between parties (from banks, to real estate agents, notaires, insurance and architects). To learn more about the France Home Finance offer visit their website at: » www.francehomefinance.com About Flat Hunter: Flat Hunter is Paris’ premier search service with 7 years of experience in sourcing the best apartments in Paris. With 15 highly-skilled search experts in the field, they have one of the highest rates of success in finding the perfect apartment for their hundreds of satisfied clients. Their knowledgeable team ensures that the whole transaction proceeds smoothly all the way through to the final purchase.

They can also help with putting buyers in touch with various partners such as notaires, architects, contractors, decorators and any other services that may be required during the acquisition process. In short, they are the perfect team to bring to fruition their clients’ dreams of owning a Paris property. Visit their website: » www.flat-hunter.com to learn more about the Paris market.

UK Media Contact:
For further information to arrange a briefing or obtain customner case studies (including property pictures) please contact:

Reva Seth
France Home Finance
T: 077 8617 1279
E: revaseth@francehomefinance.com

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Title: Au Revoir London, Hello Paris!
Re: France Home Finance
Date: 18/12/2007

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