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Sandberg is now launching the PowerCan, thus increasing the convergence towards the automotive market. "IT has become more and more mobile and when you talk about mobility you can't avoid cars" the Managing Director says about the new product which can be used for pretty much everything as well as IT.

When you unpack your PowerCan you can't help but be fooled by how simple it looks. It is the same size as an ordinary can of soft drink. Put it in the cup holder, connect it to the cigarette lighter and then you have a power socket in your car. It can be used just like a wall socket in the home, but it does not have exactly the same output. It is fine for DVD players, charging your mobile, mini TV and similar objects, but you must not connect a hairdryer to it.

The PowerCan is equipped with an automatic cut-out which will switch the device off if it gets overloaded. This protects the vehicle's electric system.

In order to make it easier to charge mobile phones, cameras and mini computers, the PowerCan has a USB port. Which means you don't even need to bring the charger.

The PowerCan produces up to 90 W which is enough even for powerful laptop computers. It can also be used for electric shavers, hand lamps, pumps for airbeds and lots of other things.

Martin Hollerup, Managing Director of Sandberg, says the following about PowerCan: "It's something that I myself have needed many times. You sit there with all your electronic stuff which just won't work because it needs power. With the PowerCan we have focused on creating a handy and stylish product which can take for everyday use in the car." The MD says the following on the change of the market: "Don't worry. This doesn't mean that Sandberg is coming up with smart rims, tyre pressure gauges and car stereos. We believe that PowerCan fits well into our growing and very successful range of products for computer users on the move. The fact that many other people also can enjoy the PowerCan is just the icing on the cake."

You can find your closest dealer at » www.sandberg.it .

Contact for this product news item:
Managing Director Martin Hollerup, martin@sandberg.it, direct tel. +45 4822 2290.

PowerCan DCAC Inverter 90W
Item no.: 135-71
EAN: 5705730135712

Max. continuous power output: 90 Watts
Surge 150 Watts
Cigarette lighter connector cable length: 600 mm
With USB 5V 500 mA power port
On/Off switch
Bi-colour status LED
Circular 2 pin AC output socket for GSTUV and DK plug
66 mm in diameter to match standard beer can size

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