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of its true 3D mapping C620 and C620t sat-nav device

Incorporating Mio 2008 mapping software

Brussels, 18 December, 2007: Previewed at the IFA consumer electronics show in August 2007, Mio Technology, top three vendor in Europe of portable navigation devices (PND), announces the availability of its high-end 3D mapping devices - the C620 and C620t. The new Mio 2008 mapping software includes around one thousand 3D landmarks, as well as digital elevation mapping to depict the local landscape - providing the motorist with a true 3D view of the road ahead.

The Mio C620 and C620t feature the very latest Tele Atlas maps (2007.7) as well as Mio's split-screen interface in this 4.3" wide screen device. The split-screen function introduced in the C320 and C520/C520t allows the user to view local points of interest and critical journey information, such as the next three turns and time or distance to destination alongside the full map. The C620 and C620t provide the ultimate in sat-nav functionality and features, up and running in seconds with fast, accurate positioning from SiRFstarIII GPS technology.

The new range offers integrated Traffic Message Channel (TMC) reports as well as free out-of-the-box speed camera alerts. As with previous products, Mio users are able to download speed camera database updates for free for one year from the moment of registration, add their own camera locations and share them with other Mio users over the internet.


* Intuitive map display with 3D landmarks and digital elevation models
- Better orientation and faster recognition of map location
- Road levels are displayed in 3D view
* Easy to use interface
- Split screen for info, POI, TMC, Route, MP3 and phone book
- Play/stop MP3 while navigation
- One click to pick up incoming calls or dial out
- Easy navigation to Photo Viewer
* Enhanced signpost display
* Enhanced POIs along route
* TMC along route display
* 4.3" navigation screen : large and easy to read
* Hands-free calling with built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology and microphone
* Speed camera warnings out-of-the box with free updates
* Fast, accurate positioning from SiRFstarIII GPS technology
* All-in-one cradle : power and TMC (TMC only for C620t)
* Entertainment on the go: Integrated MP3 player and photo-viewer to enjoy your favourite songs and precious photos all on one device.

*Note: Speed camera availability is variable from country to country depending on the local law. Consumers receive one year of speed camera location updates for free upon registration.

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About Mio Technology Europe (MTE)
Mio Technology develops and markets products designed to liberate users, enabling them to enjoy and embrace today's mobile revolution in terms of travel, entertainment, leisure, information and professional services. The company was established in May 2002 and now has operations located in Taiwan, Belgium, China, US, Japan and South Korea. Mio Technology's product range includes PNDs, GPS PDA phones, PDA GPS and PTA (Personal Travel Assistant) navigation. Based on Q2 2007 Canalys figures, Mio Technology is the number three vendor of mobile satellite navigation devices with integrated GPS receivers across EMEA, with a market share of 10% and recording growth of 93.1% in terms of sales volumes compared to the same period in 2006. Mio Technology employs 1,500 staff worldwide, including over 700 staff dedicated to research and development. The company's European operations are headquartered in Belgium.

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Title: Mio Technology today announces the availability of its true 3D mapping C620 and C620t sat-nav device
Re: Mio Technology
Date: 18/12/2007

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