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HiPath 8000 SIP-Based Unified Communications platform for greater collaboration and productivity

17th December 2007 - New features extend enriched functionality and offer new options for a HiPath 8000 customer base that has grown by 400 Percent over the last year

Siemens Enterprise Communications customers worldwide are continuing to move rapidly to open, IT-based, unified communications to solve real business problems. That is why the customer numbers for the Siemens HiPath 8000 Real-Time IP System have jumped over 400 percent in the last year, with success in all market sectors, and in enterprises of all sizes and industries.

To continue its market leadership, Siemens announced today the latest HiPath 8000 feature release, including over 40 new Unified Communications (UC) Foundation features, such as enhanced one-number service for UC, larger business-groups for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), new class-leading business continuity and disaster recovery options, expanded ENUM, and UC interworking with IBM and Microsoft systems.

Highlights of the HiPath 8000 platform's new feature set include:

§ Enhanced Call-Admission-Control for UC and Multimedia
§ Class-leading business continuity and disaster recovery with improved geographic node separation at much lower connectivity costs between redundant IT data centre nodes, elevating business resilience to another level
§ One-number service as a core feature for delivering anytime, anywhere, any device access to information and people, enabling much greater personal efficiency and productivity as well as collaboration - especially when interworking with other presence capabilities
§ Secure UC interworking with HiPath 4000
§ Enhanced CALEA encryption support for UC as well as Voice
§ Larger Business Groups for MSPs, so that they can support more customers with many more branches and almost unlimited numbering-plans simultaneously, and also enabling the simplest possible migration from existing systems
§ Expanded ENUM capabilities, which provide lower cost interconnectivity across IP networks compared to transcoding required and feature limitations for communications relays via the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)

During 2008, Siemens will deliver the HiPath 8000 platform to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the world's largest broadcaster with 23,000 employees for whom real-time communications and media-rich collaboration are vital to its mission of gathering, producing and delivering content to UK license fee payers.

Also using the HiPath 8000 to cost-effectively deliver unified communications as a Managed Service is Global Crossing, providing services for the UK Government.

Both companies consider the HiPath 8000's carrier-grade architecture, open standards, SIP-based capabilities and extreme resiliency to be instrumental in the reliable, cost-effective delivery of competitive and high-quality managed services.

Anthony Christie, managing director EMEA, Global Crossing said, "By combining the HiPath 8000 platform with end-user access to one of the largest managed IP network services in Europe, we are able to create a rich set of capabilities that will transform how UK government departments and our commercial customers work in the future. Their workers will gain new efficiencies through a full suite of advanced IP services supported by a completely secure and flexible working environment."

"The migration to IP-based enterprise communications is in turn leading to the integration of real-time communications with business applications. The worlds of IT and communications are, therefore, rapidly coming together, and platforms such as the HiPath 8000 are facilitating that shift," said Jerry Carron, Vice President, Research, Current Analysis.

According to Thomas Zimmermann, Chief Operating Officer, Siemens Enterprise Communications, large enterprises today do not need to replicate the old-world PBX feature set.

"Today's large enterprises, institutions and managed service providers don't need ways to deliver yesterday's communications capabilities," Zimmermann said. "Instead what they need is a strategic IT technology like the HiPath 8000 to integrate real-time communications and presence into their day-to-day business processes. That way they can optimise the performance and potential of their employees or managed service customers."


About Siemens Enterprise Communications:

Siemens Enterprise Communications is one of the world's leading vendors of Open Communications solutions for enterprises of all sizes, enabling business processes to be more productive, faster and more secure - with any device, network or information technology infrastructure. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens AG with 15,000 employees globally and headquarters in Munich.

For further information, please contact:
Dan Purvis / Becky Kiely
Octopus Communications
+44 (0) 845 3700 655

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Title: More enterprises than ever deploy Siemens' HiPath 8000 SIP-Based Unified Communications platform for greater collaboration and productivity
Re: Siemens
Date: 17/12/2007

WebitPR (» www.webitpr.com) has distributed this release on behalf of Octopus Communications. Please contact Dan Purvis / Becky Kiely, on +44 (0) 845 3700 655 or email siemens@octopuscomms.net, if you have any questions or enquiries regarding the release.

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