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to fight global roaming fraud

Luxembourg, 15th January, 2008 - MACH, the leading global clearing and settlement partner for mobile based transactions, today announced that Telefónica Spain is using its Data Express and Fraud Protection solutions to achieve Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange (NRTRDE) compliancy. MACH will monitor and protect Telefónica Spain against roaming fraud.

In Spain alone, Telefónica has more than 80 years' operating experience and an expansive subscriber base spanning more than 21.8 million cellular telephone customers. As such, international roaming is key to Telefónica.

Manuel Franco, Director of Revenue Assurance & Fraud at Telefónica Spain commented; "MACH has one of the most advanced NRTRDE & Fraud Protection solutions available. As MACH provides Clearinghouse services & NRTDE to other Telefónica Group members as well as other leading global operator Groups it has for both solutions, the right level of expertise to combat roaming fraud."

The Telefónica Group is considered an innovator within the industry and has invested over $8 billion for cutting-edge product development. It has revolutionised the digital music scene with the first flat rate for downloading music to mobiles and PCs.

Increased international roaming and new product developments accessible on a global scale can equal increased exposure to potential fraudsters; something which many operators have experienced the negative financial impact of. Telefónica has counteracted this risk by working closely with MACH, the leading innovators of roaming fraud protection.

As Lodewijk Cornelis, Head of New Sales & Marketing at MACH comments,
"With MACH Data Express and MACH Fraud Protection, Telefónica benefits from a fully comprehensive solution against roaming fraud. The operator will have early visibility of roaming subscriber activity and data intelligence and a global view with fraud 'fingerprint' matches across all networks. MACH also has a specialist 'rapid responsive' fraud protection unit with 24/7/365 surveillance, detection and monitoring of suspicious behaviour. MACH acts as the watch tower and has the capabilities to instantly shut-down roaming fraud."

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Sophia Bødiker
Global Marketing Project Manager
+45 45902024

About MACH
MACH is the leading global clearing and settlement partner for mobile based transactions, known in North America as MACH Cibernet. We help telecommunications companies and enterprises across the World to secure and develop existing and new revenue streams. We specialise in outsourced solutions within roaming clearing and billing, Interconnect and WLAN. In addition, we deliver mobile content services through the independently operating brand End2End as well as EDI under the PROGRATOR|gatetrade brand. Our global client base comprises the leading international telecommunication companies, including established national operators on five continents and new licensees worldwide. With approximately 700 employees and offices in 12 countries throughout the World, we combine global expertise and operations with local knowledge in each of our markets. For further information please visit » www.mach.com

About Telefónica Group:
Telefónica Group is a world leader in the Telecoms sector, with a presence in Europe, Africa and Latin America with 206.6 million customers, as of March 2007. Telefónica Group provides services in 23 countries with a total combined population of 670 million. It also has a presence in over 40 countries. The Group has more than 1.5 million direct shareholders and is listed on the main Spanish and foreign stock markets

Telefónica Group has had a presence in Latin America for over 16 years and is the leading operator in Brazil, Chile and Peru. The Group is also undertaking significant operations and infrastructure developments in Columbia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela. In Europe, Telefónica O2 is present in the U.K., Ireland, Germany and the Czech Republic. It has also been awarded one of the 3G mobile telephony licenses in Slovakia for a period of 20 years.

For further information about Telefónica Group, please visit » www.telefonica.com

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Title: Telefónica Spain joins forces with MACH to fight global roaming fraud
Re: MACH; Telefónica Spain
Date: 15/01/2008

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