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Dec 19, 2007 - Britain Looks Back At 2007 In The First Ever People's Speech

Core Facts
* Fifty years after the first television broadcast of the Queen's Christmas address, Intel has collected contributions for the first-ever People's Speech, a Christmas message from the nation to the nation

* The Intel People's Speech - just like the Queen's version - reviews the year gone by and looks forward to the year ahead. It's a fascinating insight into the lives of everyday Brits and what they believe were highs and lows of 2007 at both a personal and public level

* Comments were collected via an interactive website » www.intel.co.uk/thepeoplesspeech. The team has also taken to the road travelling the length and breadth of the country, from Birmingham to Belfast, filming comments

* The Intel People's Speech will be available to view from 20 December at www.intel.co.uk/thepeoplesspeech

* The initiative is the result of research that revealed almost half (48%) of the country's younger generation has never watched the Queen's address and a further 37% have only tuned in on Christmas Day once or twice. Forty four per cent of 18-24 year old Brits put this down to the fact the Queen's address is not about their lives and a fifth because her comments don't relate to everyday people.

Quotes from participants in the Intel People's Speech about their 2007 highlights:

* "Derek got his back waxed for Children in Need!*. Tanya Martin, Belfast
* "I changed my Audi* A8 for a Prius*," Tom Holden, Lancaster
* We sang karaoke together for the first time ever, we've decided we're karaoke kings and queens," Deborah and Richard Pringle, Gateshead
* "England crashing out [of Euro 2008] and me hiding behind the sofa with a slight watery eye," James Harty, Windsor

Quote from Steve Shakespeare at Intel UK:
"We have used 21st century wireless and broadcast technology to give a voice to the British people this Christmas and produce the first truly democratic Christmas message. It's fantastic that so many people, young and old, from Cardiff to Rochdale, Edinburgh to London, have got involved and been a part of the People's Speech."

Content Available:-
The Intel People's Speech - Manchester - http://blogit.webitpr.com/media/Power%20to%20the%20People%20-%20Valdo%20Da%20Silva%20from%20Hulme%20filming%20his%20contribution%20to%20the%20Peoples%20Speech%20at%20the%20Piccadilly%20Gardens%20ice%20rink%20in%20central%20Manch.jpg
The Intel People's Speech - Leeds - http://blogit.webitpr.com/media/Mr%20T%20filming%20his%20contribution%20to%20the%20Intel%20Peoples%20Speech%20in%20Leeds.jpg
The Intel People's Speech - Birmingham - http://blogit.webitpr.com/media/Power%20to%20the%20people%20-%20Emily%20Bulmen%20films%20her%20contribution%20to%20the%20Intel%20Peoples%20Speech%202.jpg

The Intel People's Speech Video - http://blogit.webitpr.com/media/Intel%20Peoples%20Speech%20embargoed%2020%2012%2007.wmv

Social Networking Video - Will be available at http://blogit.webitpr.com/?ReleaseID=7393 from 9:30AM GMT, 20th December 2007.

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Title: Footballing Fiascos To Britney's Headshaving Shenanigans - Britain Looks Back At 2007 In The First Ever People's Speech
Re: Intel
Date: 20/12/2007

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