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With The Conspicuous Contribution To LINX Award

Dec. 17, 2007 - The London Internet Exchange is pleased to announce that its Conspicuous Contribution to LINX Award has been presented to Dr Richard Clayton.

An academic at Cambridge University, Richard is also a consultant for LINX member, THUS plc (incorporating founding LINX member, Demon Internet).

The presentation was made during the recent LINX member meeting at the Goodenough College in London in November and judging by the warm reception given to Richard by the delegates, it was a very popular decision indeed.

The 'Conspicuous Contribution' prize was first given in 2006 to Nigel Titley of Easynet who was a LINX council member from its 1994 formation through to 2006.

Dr Clayton had this to say on receiving the award. "Nigel's contribution is crystal clear for all to see but my own was perhaps a little less obvious. I've often given talks at the quarterly LINX meetings but I suspect that the main reason that I received the award is because of my contribution to many of LINX's Best Current Practice documents. These have covered everything from traceability to spam and have proved to be hugely influential."

Richard continued: "The BCPs highlight the best ways for the industry to operate on key issues, spreading knowledge to all of the organisations that need to know. They demonstrate to the Government and the regulators that the industry is responsible and can explain why it works the way it does. They also educate end-users and - when there's a dispute with an abuse@ team - that other ISPs will take the same dim view of their spamming as their current provider. This in turn reduces churn and helps everyone to work things out more sensibly."

LINX Chairman, Grahame Davies, said: "Richard has been attending LINX general meetings for nearly 10 years now and can always be relied upon to provide support through objective questions and points of view. Through interaction like this, LINX and its Board benefit from the vast knowledge and experience of its members."

John Souter, LINX CEO, added: "It is an exciting time in the development of LINX and Richard's part in that growth cannot be underestimated. Being able to call upon his extensive experience and expertise is very important us and we are delighted to acknowledge his input in this way."


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Title: Dr Richard Clayton Presented With The Conspicuous Contribution To LINX Award
Date: 17/12/2007

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