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December 12th 2007 - Separated Service Creation and Delivery Means Rapid Multimedia Service Deployment for Operators and their Content Partners

3ple-Media today announces the launch of MercuryTM Composer. As part of the holistic, award-winning multimedia platform Mercury, Composer allows operators to capitalize on market conditions and opportunities by launching new services where conception, development and delivery no longer take months to achieve. This is possible as Mercury separates out the issues of service creation and service delivery - traditional obstacles to rapid service deployment. Operators are then able to use Composer to bridge the gap between media and 3rd party content providers and their own infrastructure to make multimedia work.

By delineating service creation and service delivery in a single platform, Operators and their content partners are never restricted in their creative scope or logistics planning by issues of delivery, connectivity or capacity. This is achieved through Mercury's core multimedia engine and service support functionality. Universal multimedia connectors, true N+1 scalability, and immense throughput capability at 3 times the speed of any other multimedia engine available are combined with innovative flat rate commercial licensing. The result is that operators are positioned at the centre of the content value chain and are able to open up service creation to 3rd parties without compromise, delay or loss of control.

Mercury Composer is designed to be an operator, white-labeled application that they can extend out to 3rd parties such as advertising agencies, corporates, brands or even subscribers. Through Composer they can offer intuitive functionality for service creation to all these groups, as well as using it for their in-house requirements. As a business process application, Composer can manage content compilation on an account-by-account basis. Thresholds and parameters can be set for each account that govern types of multimedia templates used, authorization and sign off modules, black and white list access and billing options. Third parties are able to use Composer to focus on creating timely, compelling new services and campaigns without ever concerning themselves with more technical issues pertaining to delivery, transcoding, capacity or billing.

Operators can use this rich functionality offered through Mercury Composer to best leverage GSM standards, protect their subscribers' interests and maintain their central position of control in the multimedia ecosystem. Mercury directly facilitates operators in meeting their most critical commercial KPI's of increasing the addressable market for multimedia services and raising associated ARPU. Composer extends the opportunity and provides a necessary bridge between operators and content providers.

Managing Director and CTO for 3ple-Media, Costi Manda, says, "For operators, it's not enough to have solutions that are only technically
feasible; the whole eco-system that supports multimedia needs to be geared to immediate and ongoing commercial viability. Solutions like Mercury Composer play into this 'big picture' reality and offer both instant and sustainable profitability. This approach sets a new benchmark in the content landscape - one that is finally weighted in the operator's favor and offers real value to their partners."

The inevitability of brands and media making the transition to the mobile space is supported by a plethora of independent analyst research in circulation quoting expected revenues of 11.3 billion dollars from mobile advertising by 2011. Early instigators of mobile multimedia, such as SMART in the Philippines who already use Mercury Platform, are realizing the advantages of a holistic approach that can address the commercial, technical and 3rd party requirements the multimedia opportunity demands.

To find out more about 3ple-Media's MercuryTM platform and Mobile Multimedia Push, visit: » www.3ple-Media.com

About 3ple-Media

3ple-Media develops, delivers and supports multimedia push technology for mobile operators. Their MercuryTM suite of solutions offers lateral enablement of push mobile multimedia from creation to delivery. All 3ple-Media solutions support 'Catalytic Pricing', for unrestricted operator revenues.

3ple-Media is headquartered in The Netherlands. Asian, African and American markets are served through regional sales offices in Singapore, Johannesburg and Panama. The Company's development center is located in Romania, with regional operational centers in Singapore and the Philippines. Mercury is a registered trademark of 3ple-Media BV.

Notes for Editors:
For further information contact
Greer Hahn, Marketing Manager, 3ple-Media greer.hahn@3ple-media.com

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Title: 3ple-Media Launch MercuryTM Composer:
Separated Service Creation and Delivery Means Rapid Multimedia Service Deployment for Operators and their Content Partners
Re: 3ple-Media
Date: 12/12/2007

WebitPR (» www.webitpr.com) has distributed this release on behalf of 3ple-Media. Please contact Greer Hahn, on 44 659 886844 or email greer.hahn@3ple-media.com, if you have any questions or enquiries regarding the release.

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