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Asia Pacific ICT Awards in Singapore and Deutsche Telekom Innovation Roundtable in Berlin Germany

Sydney, Australia, Novemberv 15., 2007 – November will be yet another busy month for leading online security company, TrustDefender, as the award winning company heads to the Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTAs) in Singapore to represent Australia and from there, to Germany to participate in the first of a series of Global Innovation Roundtables being conducted by Deutsche Telekom.

„We will be using our time in Singapore, firstly to compete in the Asia Pacific ICT Awards and secondly to meet with a number of leading Singaporean based financial service providers to discuss how we can reduce online merchant fraud and risk, such as the ever growing instances of ‘card-not-present’ fraud which their merchants and direct customers confront every day. We will also take this opportunity to introduce and position our new managed service offering which further enhances the TrustDefender armour of security,“ commented TrustDefender CEO, Ted Egan..

„We will also be traveling on to Europe to introduce TrustDefender to many European businesses where we see online fraud and identity theft is already a major issue for most citizens in that region, especially the UK. At the same time, I am looking forward to meeting with key members from the management team of Deutsche Telekom in Germany as well as furthering discussion with key prospective customers in the UK, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland,“ he added.

TrustDefender will soon launch a new managed service offering which will provide online merchants and other online businesses with an automatic risk score evaluation before they process any transactions, thereby giving an increased level of security and protection at the merchant or financial institution’s end of the transaction process. Additionally, online merchant loyalty and customer confidence in a brand that signs up to TrustDefender’s new managed service offering will be enhanced, especially as customers can feel safe that their confidential details are secure.

All over the world, at any time of day or night, fraudulent activities are taking place online and people’s identities are being attacked and their confidential information often successfully stolen. Such attacks on individuals, customers and consumers are costing organisations billions of dollars in damages due to loss or damage to the corporation’s reputation, brand names, consumer trust and intellectual property, in addition to any potential negative impact on the price of stocks and shares. In short, online fraud has grown between 30 and 40% since 2006.

TrustDefender enables the consumer to secure their PC before entering details and then integrates the consumer’s PC into the overall security chain. This means that the online merchant, bank, financial institution or eGovernment body can then employ a rigorous white-listing method for online transactions to ensure security. TrustDefender eliminates the risk of passwords, identity details and confidential information being stolen or other fraudulent activities during online transactions.

Consumers can use TrustDefender to do a security health check on their PC or mobile computing device to identify any unknown crimeware or hidden rootkits that may exist on their machine that have not been identified by traditional firewall or anti-virus software solutions. In this way, TrustDefender ensures that any online transactions that the consumer conducts won’t fall prey to an online fraudster or identity thieves – and the consumer has peace of mind.

As Mr Egan said, „TrustDefender is all about building trust in the internet. There is certainly a demand both by consumers for a more comprehensive security approach to online transaction in the corporate sector and by consumers in general - and this demand is worldwide. The exposure that TrustDefender is gaining in the international market is certainly going to benefit the company, especially as we are being recognised as both leading edge and the only completely secure security solution on the market. We are inviting the world’s financial sector and online merchants to do more to build confidence in the internet by adopting TrustDefender.“

Try TrustDefender today

Consumers who want to try TrustDefender should visit www.trustdefender.com and download the free 21 day trial of the consumer solution from the online shop.

Banks, financial institutions and online businesses can email info@trustdefender.com to get a free evaluation of the TrustDefender Enterprise version.

Detaillierte deutsche Informationen zur TrustDefender Lösung finden Sie wie gewohnt bei uns in der Produkt-Datenbank (Auswahl Produkt - Suche starten) http://www.info-point-security.com/action,private_products;sdm_id_selected,;mfr_id_selected,131;prd_id_selected,

For media information, contact:
Kerryn Nelson
Managing Director
Big Mouth Marketing Communications P/L
Ph: 03 9558 3122 / 0417 035 536
E: kerryn.nelson@bigmouth.net.au

About TrustDefender:
TrustDefender is the leading provider of ‘On Demand Endpoint Security Solutions’ to safeguard online business and consumer transactions. With its GAP protection, TrustDefender is able to guarantee the authenticity of a website. The secure lockdown, safe & secure mode, two factor authentication and the TrustedSurfing database complete the holistic security solution.

The secure policy engine allows online businesses to educate and enforce the compliance of a home user’s PC to their security policies. TrustDefender is the world’s first security solution which enables online businesses to integrate the home user’s PC into the overall security solution. TrustDefender was founded in 2005 and is based in Sydney, Australia.

APICTA is an alliance of 16 economies, including Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietman.

APICTA offers a platform for companies to showcase their ICT innovations to a global audience. The program provides networking and product-benchmarking opportunities, stimulates ICT innovation and creativity, promotes economic and trade relations, facilitates technology transfer and offers business matching opportunities. The program was initiated to increase ICT awareness in the community and assist in bridging the digital divide.

TrustDefender will represent Australia in the ‘Financial Applications’ category.

Did you know?

* Online crime is the fastest growing type of crime around the world. In fact, it’s even bigger than the illicit drug trade.
* Identity fraud costs the community between $2 billion to $3.5 billion each year in Australia (Australian Institute of Criminology, 2003)
* Your computer, at home and at the office can be hacked by on-line criminals even when engaged in a secure on-line transaction. Your financial institution might be secure but your computer might be vulnerable to outside attack. This can result in your personal information being stolen leading to online theft of your finances and/or identity.

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