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Neuss, 13th September 2006 - Toshiba Europe Storage Device Division (SDD) today announced the availability of two new 1.8-inch small form hard disk drives (HDDs). The drives have been developed specifically for ultra-portable notebook computers and the burgeoning market for portable devices such as mp3 and mobile multi-media players and Personal Video Recorders (PVRs).

Incorporating perpendicular magnetic recording, the new dual-platter 80GB MK8009GAH and single platter 40GB MK4009GAL drives are seven millimetres shorter than Toshiba's current market leading notebook hard disk drives. This decrease in size allows product designers to continue the trend of ever shrinking mobile devices and the ability incorporate additional features and functionalities into increasingly smaller form factors.

The shrink in height has been achieved through the use of a new low insertion force connector (LIF) that will be utilised across all of Toshiba SDDs 1.8-inch PMR drives. Both new drives incorporate the ATA-6 interface and offer 8MB buffer memory. This helps position both drives as the perfect storage solutions for multi-media intensive applications such as digital content archiving and video playback on the move.

Perpendicular recording refers to the method of placing the bits vertically on the magnetic layer of the drive rather than conventional methods, where the data is stored in linear alignment. With perpendicular recording, Toshiba SDD has been able to dramatically increase the storage capacity of the 1.8-inch form factor and overcome the problems associated with higher recording densities.

"Mobile devices have fast become the consumer electronic of choice for consumers looking to store large amounts of very personal data such as their favourite movies and music or documents and presentations for work," explained Martin Larsson, General Manager, Toshiba Europe Storage. "With our new perpendicular drive we have overcome the current limitations of data storage to help our customers deliver increased storage capacities in ever decreasing form factors."

About Toshiba Europe SDD

Toshiba Storage Device Division (SDD) leads the market in developing, designing and manufacturing DVD-/+R/RW, DVD-ROM and CD-RW/DVD-ROM combination optical disk drives and 0.85-inch, 1.8-inch and 2.5-inch hard disk drives. SDD markets high quality peripherals to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), value-added resellers (VARs), value-added dealers (VADs), system integrators and distributors throughout Europe. It also provides end-users with innovative portable storage devices. Since 2001, the SDD has been influential in the retail market with the introduction of its retail kits. Inherent in the company's philosophy and product lines is a sincere commitment to high-quality engineering and manufacturing, qualities that have been instrumental in establishing Toshiba products as worldwide leaders.

Further information:

Toshiba Europe GmbH
Storage Device Division
Susan Nowack
Hammfelddamm 8
D 41460 Neuss
Telefon: +49-2131-158-436
Telefax: +49-2131-158-583
» sddmarketing@toshiba-teg.com
» www.toshiba-europe.com/storage

Manuela Schwaiger
Strategic Communication
Sonnenstr. 25
D-80331 München
Tel. 089-59997-801
Fax 089-59997-999
» manuela.schwaiger@pr-com.de
» www.pr-com.de

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