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GeBE Desktop Printer SKY for Long-Term Operation without Paper Roll Exchange

Germering, December 5, 2007.
GeBE Elektronik und Feinwerktechnik GmbH in Germering near Munich is introducing the desktop thermal printer GPT-4389-SKY. With a small footprint of only 97 x 160 mm, it meets the requirements of various space-sensitive working environments. It is designed for long-term operation without paper roll exchange, therefore printing on a relatively large paper roll with a diameter of 75mm. In addition to its small dimensions, the complete printer is impressive with an attractive design that can easily be integrated. Special colors and labeling are available on request. The usual interfaces USB or RS232 are accommodated in different versions of the new product. The GPT-4389- SKY set contains everything the user needs to start printing.

Printing More than 360 Receipts...

The GPT-4389-SKY from GeBE meets the requirements of a desktop printer to print for a long time without paper roll exchange. Besides the small footprint, it was important for the design to support a relatively large paper roll inside a compact housing. The roll had to be big enough to grant the desired advantage, but still light enough to be transported by the integrated standard printer mechanism. The result was a maximum roll diameter of 75mm, which equals about 61 m of paper length. Based on an average number of six receipts per meter, the GPT-4389-SKY can print more than 360 receipts without paper roll exchange. The printer housing transparent plastic cover allows the user to keep an eye on the paper supply.

Easy Handling and Individual Design...

The small stand-alone printer is ideal for cashier systems, hotel receptions, or laboratories. The set includes the required interface cable (USB or RS232), as well as the matching power supply cable, and a high-quality paper roll (5-year legibility guaranteed). The user only needs to set up the printer and can start printing without further effort. Due to the thermal printing process, maintenance or elaborate cartridge changes are not necessary. Individual labeling or other custom housing colors are available from the miniature printer specialist in Germering, even for small quantities.
Initial information: » http://www.oem-printer.com/gpt-4389

The Company - A short Portrait

GeBE Elektronik und Feinwerktechnik GmbH has been an accepted partner in the industry for decades as a manufacturer of professional output devices. Due to a reliable system for quality assurance - ISO 9001 certificated - and many years of experience in manufacturing, GeBE has created a large customer base for small and medium sized order quantities. With cleverly structured modular systems, solutions can be realized fast, easily, and cost-effectively for our customers. GeBE supplies the components as well as complete devices, particularly thermal printers, controllers, and accessories.

Company Contact

GeBE Elektronik und Feinwerktechnik GmbH
Beethovenstraße 15
D-82110 Germering
Phone: ++49/89/894141-0; Fax: ++49/89/8402168
» http://www.oem-printer.com
E-Mail: sales.ef@gebe.net.com

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