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Running and sweating – natural protection against hyperthermia

Sport and sweating go together. Whether in daily life or during sport activities the production of sweat helps to cool off the body, and is thereby a measure of thermoregulation. A large amount of excess body heat is produced while…
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Breathing through mouth or nose? Chest and stomach breathing? Helpful tips on using the correct breathing techniques during running

A proper breathing technique is vital to achieve better running results. Both beginners and runners should develop their own breathing rhythm in order to be able to exploit their full potential for running. To achieve, first of all, sportsmen should…
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Run into the New Year: New Year’s Eve from a different perspective.

Who has not planned the New Year’s Eve yet, should think about taking part at one of the New Year races in Germany or Switzerland to welcome the New Year in a sporty and extraordinary way. Whether for an amateur…
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