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Eternal youth through regenerative stem cell therapy

Clinic DDr. Heinrich® offers revolutionary autologous fat stem cell therapies Whereas formerly often only the symptoms of age were treated in cosmetic medicine, autologous stem cell-assisted regenerative therapies take a more comprehensive approach: the abundant stem cells in fat tissue are…
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„New Cosmetic Surgery“ Journalism Prize

The prize with a EUR 3,000 endowment for outstanding reporting on New Cosmetic Surgery will be awarded for the first time on 31 October 2010. The „New Cosmetic Surgery“ Journalism Prize will be awarded by the Clinic DDr. Heinrich for…
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Breasts like a Hollywood star – completely without silicone or scalpel

Breast augmentation with the body’s own stem cells The media recently reported on Hollywood star Nicole Kidman’s larger breasts. Breast-feeding her baby has apparently given Ms. Kidman her fuller cleavage. However, pregnancy and breast-feeding do not automatically lead to larger…
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