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Safety confirmed of breast augmentation with autologous fat stem cells

Stem cell-enriched autologous fat makes permanent natural breast enlargement Since 2003, breast augmentation utilizing stem cells from autologous fat has been developed enabling silicon-free breast reconstruction following cancer surgery. Till now though, it was unclear whether this might reactivate the…
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Breast augmentation – from the buttock to the breast

New method as solution for old problem Many women feel uncomfortable with padding around the hips and small breasts. Until recently correction required two operations: One for liposuction, the other for breast enlargement with silicon and scalpel. Today breast augmentation…
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It’s Not only George Clooney who’s turned off by Silicon Breasts: More and more Men are saying they prefer the natural look

Vienna — Recently, the media reported that George Clooney left his girlfriend after she underwent breast augmentation with silicon. Many men comment that they find silicon implants unappealing. Besides attracting more laughter than anything else, they have serious drawbacks: They…
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