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Stem Cells – Medicine of the Future?

Researchers see great therapeutic potential for stem cells obtained from fat tissue Vienna (2013-12-04) — Stem cells obtained from harvested fat apparently have an almost inexhaustible potential for therapeutic applications: The treatment of joint problems and arthritis with stem cells…
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Do stem cells gained from fat heal arthritis and damaged joints?

Call to participate in internal application observation on therapy using stem cells for damaged cartilage and deteriorated joints Vienna (2013-05-07) —The treatment of damaged cartilage and arthritis using stem cells from autologous fat is the object of a study currently…
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SIVASH – Die Heilkraft aus dem Salzsee

SIVASH – Die Heilkraft aus dem Salzsee SIVASH®-Heilerde ist ein wirkungsvolles Peloid (Meeresschlick), das sich in der hochkonzentrierten, an Algen mit hohen Beta-Carotin-Gehalt reichen, rosafarbenen Sole des Salzsees Siwasch (engl.: Sivash) gebildet hat. Die heilende Wirkung der SIVASH®-Heilerde wurde zuerst…
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