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It’s A New Approach To An Age Old Problem

Fort Lauderdale, FloridaA New Horizon is a well established Credit Counseling company with over 14years experience as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization assisting tens of thousands of  individuals and families from all walks of life in regaining control of their finances. Slightly higher than the nationwide average, A New Horizon has seen an average of 55% of clients finish our program paying 100% of the individuals’ unsecured debt in a 3 – 5 year period.

This is accomplished utilizing Financial Literacy training and a host of programs to counsel and educate individuals on the responsible use of credit along with a structured debt management plan to assist them in paying off their existing debt. To further our goal, it’s vitally important to promote to the Collection Community a softer, more solution oriented holistic approach to collections which has the added benefit of improving the reputation of the collection industry with the public.

Through our research we’ve recognized that the industry trend is moving in this direction and a company like ours provides the very solution. This new initiative is designed for debtors who are in default, not already in a Credit Counseling Program and BEFORE they are PLACED FOR OUTSIDE COLLECTION. .


Our certified financial counselors will assist and counsel individuals and families so they’re both prepared for and budgeted to handle their financial obligations under this new program. We do a complete budget analysis of their current financial condition and show them how to improve it. Then, working with the creditors established repayment programs; we restructure the debt which in turn results in reduced monthly payments and interest. We also provide educational and counseling services to insure that the debtor does not repeat the behavior that resulted in the overwhelming debt that brought them to us.

“We’ve helped families across America become debt free since 1978.” Said Peter Carvalho, New Business Development for “We’re the caring, family-friendly Credit Counseling Company you can trust. Call us today and our professional credit counselors we will help you experience the power of financial freedom!”

The concept works for virtually any industry; Hospitals, Banks, Credit Unions, and Collection Agencies. Our programs achieve two things – Creditors recover the money they’re owed in an organized manner and families are educated on managing their own finances in the future.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

About A New Horizon

If you would like more information on this unique approach to consumer debt and recovery it may be obtained from Peter Carvalho who may be reached at(800) 556-1548 Extension 1125 or at  A New Horizon –

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(Published: September 2009)