The Nokia 2323 Classic is a classy offering from Nokia

The Nokia 2323 Classic is a hark back to days when a phone was simply a phone and not a technological feat of wizardry. The phone is unashamedly simple but functional. With the basic functionality it has, it is aimed squarely at the budget market and within that context it fits in well. The phone itself is a relatively small unit compared to many on the market currently, measuring in at 107mm x 46mm and a paltry 13mm thick. It is this low key styling and size which appeals with this phone.

The 1.8 inch display screen is a simple but effective display screen. It is a TFT screen which can and does display 65,000 colours which means that images are shown in an accurate and true life like colour representation. As its only means of navigation the phone provides a 5 way navigation key. This has been standard issue on Nokia phone for many years and is simple to use and works exactly as it should do.

The Nokia 2323 Classic comes with several forms of connectivity, these include GPRS, HSCSD and Blue tooth. This ensures the user can access a variety of services and facilities and perform numerous tasks whilst on the move. It also allows the user to connect to other suitably attired mobile phones or devices.

The phone comes with a stereo FM radio as well as the useful ability to record broadcasts. The radio offers the means to listen to local and national radio programs to provide hours of entertainment. Another useful feature is the organiser which coupled with the voice memo feature provides ample means of recording oral notes and keeping track of events and appointments.

The Classic Nokia 2323 is aptly named. It is a classic design which offers updated functionality. Although not overly endowed with features, the price tag reflects this. The phone is a useful addition to the Nokia range of phones and adds another dimension to their long list of available handsets.

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