ECOPOWER with a little rod BE -Fuel saver

ECOPOWER with a little rod BE -Fuel saver Fin real story of an unbelievable Austrian invention which measurable save fuel and reduce exhaust gases.

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Cleaner and cheaper driving with the help of a metal rod. Timo Heino in Porvoo imports the Austrian invention, which seems like a gimmick with no effect

He rolls the rod in his hand and claims that it lowers consumption and exhaust gases

Many are ready to doom the metal rod as „bullshit“ at the first sight!

Also Heino was sceptical when he found the product on internet, the be-fuel saver that was brought on market in 2007 seemed to be too good to be truth. When Heino did not find any negative things of the product ,he decided to buy a few samples – I tried it in my own car and found out that it works very well. My car became more powerful and the consumption dropped. Heino tried the rod in silence a while so that he was sure that the effect last although the 30 year guarantee of functionality. Good experience couraged him to start the importing of the product. He has been installing hundreds so far – Of course , if it lower consumption about 10 % in any car, it is for sure interesting for the car owners ! According to Heino, the best effect comes after 5-10 tank fills, the improvement in performance can be noticed in better acceleration and more torque so you can drive with higher gear. The invention also removes soot from the engine and lowers exhaust gases – This is a product that one have to experience, Heino says and gives the products a 100 % satisfaction guarantee ! The installation of the EcoRod is simple -there is no need for modification of the car.

You can install the rod on the fuel line with the cable ties or directly in the tank for best function as it reacts directly with the fuel – This makes the combustion of the fuel better, good and more evenly burning gives more power with the same amount of fuel. The Bio-energetic invention can be used of all machines that uses Gasoline or diesel – What is there in the rod -That is secret !

Jonas Fredriksson who is a taxi owner in Porvoo drives 95.000 kilometres per year. He has been using FS for some months now and the experience has been very positive ! – The car consumes about 1 litre less now and there is now much more power, Fredriksson says. The car with is automatic also shifts earlier and smoother – Yes there is a big difference. It can be noticed very clearly. He insists that he was sceptical when Heino introduced the product.

Press Finland

Press Finland

Tommy Träskelin from company Jakoil Oy says that he was very sceptical when Heino introduced the FS but Heino convinced him to try it out – We went driving and I noticed that the engine became less noisy Träskelin says but that was not the only thing that happened – The consumption on the cargo van dropped about 12 % Träskelin calculates and says that he has been keeping very carefully track of the consumption. In his new passenger car the consumption dropped about 10 %. Träskelin has the EcoRod in his oil delivery truck as well as in the cargo vans and passenger car. All of them are diesels.

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Pointti…………… It cannot work !

A metal rod that is either put of the fuel line or directly in the tank gives more power and drops the consumption. Jee Jee not logical at all. The feeling against the Austrian invention is more or less suspicious. What the hell, we try when we have the possibility. The first meters with the rod are confusing in the 1.6 l lazy station wagon. The car reacts very good to the pedal and is capable of moving in the fifth gear at a speed of only 30 km/h. During the trial of one month the consumption also drops about one litre according to the on-board computer. The suspiciousness changes the foolishness. It really works ! I keep waiting for more technical test with great interest in the future