Twitter + You = Make Money? You Betcha!

Twitter + You = Make Money? You Betcha!


Everyone knows it now.  Twitter here to stay!


Thousands of people join up every day, and just about every big name in any industry is jumping on the bandwagon. But what does that have to do with you?


Are you on twitter? Are you using it to drive traffic? Are you using it to make sales?


Think of Twitter as a big list generator.  Better than any email, those people following you on twitter never have to click to open your emails!


That’s right! All the messages are open for people to read every time they log in to their account.




 Do you have any yet?


If not then you are missing out on a huge opportunity!


Just look at all the gurus in the Internet Marketing field and you’ll see they are all on there. Why? Because it works! Plus it is growing every single day.


Don’t miss out any longer, go sign up right now!




This is a question that a lot of people ask.  If you tried any other social networks, you may already feel they take forever to actually use. You have to spend ages setting things up and then hours every day just to maintain things.


Most people have found Twitter to be simple to sign up to, and there is a well known and proven system that will take you an hour a day MAXIMUM.


One hour!


That is all it takes to be loved by and market to a list of potentially thousands of people in your niche who are dying to hear what you have to say!




I remember when I first signed up to Twitter.  I thought that I would struggle to find anyone outside of the guerrilla marketing or music business niches.  Boy was I wrong!


At the time of writing this article, I have over 1600 followers; all in less than one months’ time!


Twitter allows you to do a search at the bottom of the screen for any keywords you want and get all the posts with those keywords in.

Try it out sometime and you’d be surprised at what will come up!


There is an official guidebook on making money with Twitter. The example of ‚crochet‘ is used. There are a huge amount of posts there for that keyword. Twitter currently doesn’t tell you how many, it just gives you page after page of results to go through. After 8 pages I just had to stop – there was no end in sight!


This just goes to prove that it doesn’t matter what niche you are in, I bet you can find people who are interested in it on Twitter and get them following you.


The million dollar question…




You probably already know, I teach people money can be made in so many different ways online.  However, this only works if you do things the right way. 


Many people are still struggling to make even a few measly dollars online.  They will tell you there are plenty of opportunities, but making money from them is harder than it looks!


Twitter is no different.  I am sure that every day scores of new and unscrupulous marketers are banned from it for ’spammy‘ practices.


They think that signing up to follow lots of people then spamming them with links is good business.  Guess what? It’s not!


I teach people how to use proven techniques to get people to see you as a trusted friend while you pull down sales. All WITHOUT spamming people.


You want people to pat you on the back while handing you their money.


That is the way things should be! 🙂 And believe it or not, it is simpler than you think.


Sign up and Set up a profile on Twitter. Do some research and search some common keywords on Twitter. Get in on the conversations; throw in your two cents. 


If you are knowledgeable, interesting or even just funny/entertaining, people will follow you.


Give some valuable or entertaining out on a regular basis. Then, every once in awhile throw out an offer to your followers. If they are true followers they will investigate.

Twitter is the new email, and with it come some new rules for marketing to the masses.

Go take advantage of it.


Want to know more?



Maurice Evans, a Guerrilla Marketing-Style Business Coach with will help you discover step-by-step how to master Twitter in his Official Guidebook of Making Money with Twitter. Use the link below and start to build your followers and profits today!

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